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I do not like… Space NK brushes

Posted in brushes, Space NK, tools by konglishbeauty on July 23, 2010

I have no love for Space NK brushes after two have failed me so spectacularly. I bought these two natural hair brushes 3 years ago. The left hand brush is their blusher brush, the right hand brush their powder brush. The bristles on both are soft (blue squirrel hair) and cut well. However the powder brush is floppy and not dense so not the best for face powder application. It’s good for bronzer. However, look what happened to the blusher brush…..

The brush head is not crimped or securely attached to the handle and it has come right off. For £30 I consider that UNACCEPTABLE. I’m no fool, I know how to care for my brushes. I’ve never left it drying in an upright position, letting water steep into the ferrule. I dry all my brushes with the heads hanging over a free edge, facing a downward angle so that any water left in the head drains down away from the ferrule. I wouldn’t dream of immersing the brush head completely in water any more than I’d dream of whacking it repeatedly on a rock. I also shake away any excess water after rinsing. SO IT’S NOT MY FAULT !!!! I know that I can repair it with a dab of glue and I have… but it’s still not acceptable that I have to do this… not when MAC, Bobbi Brown, Kevyn Aucoin, Makeup Forever, Trish McEvoy, Stila, NARS etc etc brushes have not done this to me , ever and I’ve had these brushes many more years than these. Maybe I got a dud? Maybe… but the fact remains that there’s no crimping of the ferrule onto the handle. What’s worse is that the powder brush head also feels loose and wobbly, an indication that it’s going the same way as its smaller headed sibling some time soon.

And if that wasn’t enough to put me off Space NK tools for life… look what happened to the lash comb…

The black plastic outer teeth both snapped off, leaving blunt edges of plastic which have scratched the delicate skin around my eyes when I tried to use the comb and the edges grazed against my eye lids and margins. No I didn’t over wash or handle them vigrously: I wash the metal teeth of the lash comb by gently rubbing it with a clean mascara wand and mild liquid soap under a running tap.

My verdict? Save your money for tools from other brands. My Space NK brushes were expensive, badly made and a big let down.


Tip: drying make-up brushes

Posted in brushes, organisation, tips, tools by konglishbeauty on July 8, 2010

Here’s a quick tip from me re: drying your make-up brushes. If you invest in make-up brushes (AS YOU ALL SHOULD!!!!) then you should also clean them regularly to avoid nasty crusty residue building up on them. I’ve seen people spending big money on premium brushes then tossing them in their make-up bags to gather detritus and debris, bending and damaging the bristles, never washing them and then complaining that their fancy brushes look and perform like crap. These people deserve to apply their make-up using pan scourers. Shame on you for not respecting your tools.

When washing then leaving your brushes to dry, conventional wisdom is to leave the bristle heads hanging over the edge of a surface like a table edge, so that the bristles and hairs don’t dry pressed flat against the surface. Some people use brush guards so that they can stand their brushes upside down whilst drying, the idea being that gravity will pull any water down so it doesn’t pool and collect within the ferrule rotting the wood or glue that holds the brush hairs in place. Good idea but personally I’ve found that using brush guards increases drying time and I can’t be bothered to hang around that long. If the brushes aren’t dry by morning (after washing them the previous night) then it’s inconvenient. Hmmmm. What to do?

Well, the next best thing…. is drying them at a downward angle. This way the brush heads are still hanging over a free edge, any excess water will drain downwards but air can still circulate around the hairs so that they’re dry by morning. GENIUS!

Buffing is the new blending

Posted in brushes, review, The Body Shop, tools by konglishbeauty on March 17, 2010

I swear that the term “buffing” in relation to make-up techniques has only been widely used in the past 5 years. Ever since Bare Escentuals broke onto the scene with their “Swirl! Tap! Buff!” mantra we’ve been busy eroding our faces into nothing with vigorous swirling motions. Buffing has its place although overzealous practice will irritate faces especially used with pokey brushes.


Review: Laneige powder puffs RANT AND RAVE

Posted in Korean brands, Laneige, powder, tools by konglishbeauty on November 21, 2009

Why on earth am I reviewing powder puffs? Powder puffs???? Because these are so darn good that I have to shout about them. After all if a make-up sponge like the Beauty Blender can get raves from the hyper-critical blogging and YouTube beauty community (haven’t tried it, really want to) then a powder puff can be just as mightly.

Loose powder is a staple for me as I have oily skin. I don’t apply dewy skin make-up because after half an hour, my skin naturally looks “dewy”. And after an hour it looks plain oily, at which point I whip out the oil blotting film and wield pressed powder and fluffy brush. I like to leave the house with matte looking skin and never worry about it looking too matte because it ain’t gonna stay that way for long anyway.

I prefer a puff to apply loose powder as I need a dense even coverage. A brush applies too little so I have to go over it again and again. Also applying loose powder with a large brush can get messy as a lot of it falls off the bristle. So I press and roll the powder into my skin with a puff (and then buff off excess with a brush if need be). I had been using a couple of sad old velour powder puffs which I’d had for months which were basic and did the job. However I spied these pretty pink and purple puffs at Olive Young and thought I’d give them a shot.

Well blow me away. They are full, bouncey and a pleasure to use. The purple one in particular has a thick pile so it picks up the perfect amount of loose powder, holds in in place and once pressed onto the skin can also be used to blend it out. The pink one has a smoother fabric finish and is good to apply pressed powder. They are a large size and flexible to fold around my finger to get into the corners of my face – (not that I have many, as I have a flat round asian face!).

They wash well too: I bung them into a small laundry net and toss them into the machine with my delicates in the lingerie cycle and they come out fresh and new. (Don’t add fabric conditioner, you don’t want any residue ending up on your face).

They cost about 10000won each, which is expensive but worth it, especially if you use loose powder every day.

Love, rave, recommend.
Rating: 5 out of 5

That’s the rave. Here’s the rant.

Cosmetics in Korea all seem to have these security stickers attached to them to prevent shoplifting. Olive Young, Watsons, Etude House, Missha…. every one uses them.

Sometimes they’re only on the outer box but sometimes they’re also stuck on the product inside. The infuriating thing is that they don’t always peel off cleanly. It enrages me when you peel off a sticker and it leaves behind this gummy residue which just won’t rub off. It spoils the appearance of the whole product. There is the option to remove the residue with acetone (or nail polish remover) but sometimes that destroys the finish of the packaging. Hate hate hate.