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Etude House Follow Me Lip Tint

Posted in Etude House, Korean brands, lipbalm, lipstick, review by konglishbeauty on July 16, 2010

The latest product in the Etude House 2NE1 collection is a colour changing liptint balm called “Follow Me Lip Tint”. This is the type of tint which changes colour when exposed to air, much like the Smashbox O-Glow or Dior Lip Glow balms.



Review: Missha Liquid Real Rouge lip colour

Posted in haul, Korean brands, lipgloss, lipstick, Missha, review by konglishbeauty on July 2, 2010

Today’s review is for Missha Liquid Real Rouge lip colour which is a product I ‘ve changed my mind about in the past year. It was one of the first lip products I bought when I arrived in Korea and discovered the brand. I bought a pink shade, loved it, used it up until I broke the tube (twisted it a little too enthusiastically when closing, literally broke the cap and the wand snapped off inside). It was really cheap so I wasn’t too fussed and put it on my repurchase list where it lay forgotten for glitzier more glamourous products for over a year.


Review: Skinfood Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek Creams

Posted in blusher, haul, Korean brands, lipbalm, lipstick, review, Skinfood by konglishbeauty on June 19, 2010

I recently hauled all 6 of the Skinfood Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek Creams which are multi-use creams which you dab on with your finger or a brush. They’re great as cream blushers and also as a matte look lip cream but they’re slightly drying on the lips so might need some balm or gloss paired with it.

They’re a good alternative to the pricier Bobbi Brown Pot Rouges but not a complete dupe. Texture-wise they feel smooth but not sticky and have enough slip to blend out lightly. On the cheeks they can leave a slight shine but that can be lightly blending away. I have oily/combo skin but I have no problem with these causing breakouts or clogging pores. They don’t have a silicone feel to them and they’re not greasy or oily. 

They’re medium pigmented so they don’t go on quite as intense as they look in the pan but are definitely not sheer. Overall I’d say that they’re easy no-brainer products to use. Most people intuitively will find it simple to just dab a touch of these onto the cheeks for a bit of colour.

I bought them thinking they were nice and have grown steadily to love them. For a start the colours are lovely. Of the 6, Apricot and Lychee are the palest but they work for a REAL no-make-up look on my cheeks and are great as a nude lip colour on me. They have good lasting power throughout the day and being finger-use products, I carry them around and touch-up if I need to. The devil-in-the-detail that makes me love them though are the fact that each is very lightly scented in its namesake fruit- an unnecessary but cute extra.

L-R: Pomegranate, Berry, Grapefruit, Apricot, Peach, Lychee

They’re a great price: you get 6g of product for 6000won which is plenty for cheap. These are so almost a 5 out of 5 from me except that……. the packaging is the downer. The product is in a metal tin with a sliding lid, identical to ELF’s Candy shop lip balms or Vintage Sister lip balms. It’s cute but it means that it conducts heat easily and there are numerous stories all over Korean make-up blogs that these Lip and Cheek creams melt in warm weather causing a right royal lip and cheek cream mess in bags. Summers in Korea can get pretty hot with temperature soaring well above 30 degrees. Nightmare. This is definitely not a product to carry around in your pocket.

If you can work around that somehow then these are are definitely worthy of a look. I’ll leave these at home in the warmer months or put them in a small baggy. I feel like stock-piling these as I don’t want to ever be without them.

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 (I couldn’t quite forgive the packaging!)

Pure porn

Posted in lemming, lipgloss, lipstick by konglishbeauty on March 4, 2009

Head over to Blogdorfgoodman for their annual lent “40 days and 40 nights” series…. this year on lipsticks. It’s enough to make me give up lipgloss for lent.