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It’s my birthday and I’ll boast if I want to

Posted in Birthday presents, freebies, Hello Kitty, lipgloss, Offtopic, personal, Thierry Mugler, YouTube by konglishbeauty on July 12, 2010

What’s better than a birthday present ?

A load of birthday presents. Thanks BFF2, you’re a LEGEND for knowing what a greedy cow I am. None of this “less is more” crap for me. MINE… ALL MINE.



Demeter Sanrio fragrances

Posted in Demeter, fragrance, Hello Kitty, Japanese brands, lemming, news by konglishbeauty on June 18, 2010

I WANT THESE so much. The scents sound pretty ghastly (simple, thin, teenybopper scents) but I’m a sucker for anything Sanrio. Whilst Hello Kitty is always lovely, she’s been whoring herself out a lot recently so I’m not so interested in her but I AM going nuts over My Melody and Little Twin Stars. Like many asian kids I got bought some My Melody and Little Twin Star character stuff when I was wee so I have a soft spot for these under represented Sanrio characters. I think the bottles would look lovely with red (for My Melody) and pastel blue (for Little Twin Stars) coloured juice inside.

Hello Kitty. Etude House. Miniature things.

Posted in body products, Etude House, Hello Kitty, Korean brands by konglishbeauty on May 16, 2010

Some of my favorite and most silly girly things are in this post’s heading. Behold: Etude House Hello Kitty mini handcreams.


New Etude House products released.

Posted in Etude House, Hello Kitty, Korean brands, lipgloss, mascara by konglishbeauty on December 10, 2009

Etude House has just launched some new products including a new collection of mini sized products. It’s a Hello Kitty themed collection of minis including lipglosses, tints and mascara which are small enough to attach to mobile phones, purses or anything with a loop. I’m not gonna haul because I’ve never ended up using mini products when I’ve bought them but Hello Kitty megafans should keep an eye out. The products are really similar to the Bourjois minis range.


Dear Easter Bunny…..

Posted in Hello Kitty, lemming, MAC by konglishbeauty on March 4, 2009

no chocolate for me this year, but please could you bring me one of these instead. I know it’s a bit out of your job description but I’ve probably consumed my life quota of chocolate anyway, and besides it’s much better for my teeth and figure.

Beauty Bitch.