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Update: Etude House Pudding Dia eyeshadow swatch

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Here are some quick update pics of the new Etude House Pudding Dia eyeshadow which I bought last week. The pic doesn’t show it, but this stuff is a fluffy aerated whipped cream, very comparable in texture to the Maybelline Dream mousse products. It’s in a sturdy glass pot with a tight fitting cap but I still think it will dry up pretty quickly (in my experience with mousse based products) so it’s definitely one to use rather than stash and save.

Here’s a blob of the stuff on my skin….… and then blended out.

As you can see, this is pretty high octane shimmer. Although the shade is suppsed to be pink, all the colours take on a pale shimmery frosty cast when blended out so they’re all much the same on the eyes. The lasting power’s ok but they did crease on me as is, so I wear it with UPDD for a solid 12 hour long lasting finish. Very pretty, lots of glitter and I like to wear it as an all over lid colour or a dot on the centre of the lid above the iris to create some dimension. I wouldn’t advise these as a brow or cheek highlight unless you’re after an Adam Ant look.


B-day presents… the lost joy of postal packages

Konglish is not just a flippant name I thought up for my blog. I actually AM Konglish in so far as I’m both Korean and English. I was born in Seoul, South Korea and my parents are ethnically Korean. We then upped-sticks and hot-footed it across the globe when I was a wee thing and settled in the UK, South West London. And there I festered for the next few couple of decades. Although I officially started speaking Korean first, I consider English to be my first language: I think, dream, bitch and moan in English and I’m most comfortable speaking it. I do speak very good Korean (thanks to mum for refusing to learn more English than it takes to say hello), fluently in social conversation but I falter slightly at formal language especially in work-related situations. I’ve been living in Korea for the past 18 months and am planning to stick around for a little while longer before heading back to England. Anyway, all this ramble is basically to explain the “Konglish” in the blog title and what I’m doing in Korea.

Whilst here, I’ve had a couple of birthdays. I don’t tend to make a big fuss of birthdays and they’re usually just an excuse for me to justify a night out at a fancy restaurant. I don’t expect presents… which is why it’s all the more delight when I get them. Raise the delight by an exponent greater than one when that present arrives unexpectedly by post, from across the world during the midst of the worst aviation crisis in years (thanks a lot Eyjafjallajökull) and you can understand why I was hopping around my hallway like a bouncy ball when I discovered a birthday package from BFF1 waiting for me in the postbox.

I love post especially in Korea where the postal service is efficient, safe and cheap. Unlike Britain. I went through a big eBay phase years ago which soured after a few months due to run-ins with Royal Mail and their demons from hell. But not so in Korea. In fact my local postie knows that I’m not in during the day and rather than leave one of those infuriating “I called when you were out (no not really I decided not to knock or ring the bell even though you’re in and specifically waiting for this very important package from the gods)” cards, he leaves the package with my trusted neighbour who will let me know that the package has arrived so that I’m saved a trek down to the local sorting depot. I love such common sense and courtesy so lacking in most of modern life.

Within the package was this birthday card with Kitsch London-a-bilia….

… and this darling little bag. As a beauty addict I pride myself on recognising products from the mere silhouette and outline of packaging in the distance. So I knew what this was instantly.

The 2009 limited edition Shu Uemura Tsumori Chisato face palette! You know you’ve got a BFF on your hands when she can anticipate exactly what your heart desires the most and then buys it, packs it and ships it to your doorstep to commemorate the 365 days since your last 365 days. SQUEEEEAL.

There’s always a risk when buying more make-up for a make-up junkie that a) they’ve got it already and b) you’re rubbing crack into their mucous membranes. To those risks I say a) make-up junkies are junkies. They like back-ups and b) make-up junkies are make-up junkies. We’d only be mainlining the stuff anyway. BUT actually….. neither risk was true in this case. I had lusted and drooled after the palettes when they were released in Korea but withered away empty handed as there was just no way I could justify it (along with 100 other Xmas release products). Kismet, serendipity … whatever. This is the same girl who got me this (the Dame Edna stuff) so she knows a thing or two about my dirty secret urges.

This is no longer available to buy at Shu counters as it was released at Christmas. If you run across it on eBay or up for swap then grab it. There are swatches around online but I’m not going to do them for you. Maybe by my next birthday I will have stopped gazing at it and actually used it.

NEW Etude House Pudding Dia Eyeshadows

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Lookey… new Etude House eyeshadows with a strange name!

I swatched these in-store yesterday and bought the pink one to try out. It’s a pretty good cheap dupe of Jill Stuart’s Jelly eyeshadows: same texture, same cool watery feeling on application, great longevity but with even more glitter and sparkle. These are really pretty but extremely *bling bling bling* so don’t go anywhere near these if you fear glitter and shine. I would advise applying with a brush as I used my finger tip and then proceeded to leave a trail of glitter on anything I touched for hours afterwards.

These are definitely worth a try especially for the price but the colour selection is inferior to Jill Stuart’s. I don’t love pastels for my eyes but all the shades apply very similar so once on the skin they look more silvery and sparkly. The base colour doesn’t show up very well so my pink shade didn’t look very pink on my eyelids. Pudding is not a bad name for these as the texture is reminiscent of blamanche or some other whipped gelatine dessert concoction. The packaging is a glass pot with a plastic screw on lid.

Overall I like the shade I got for the glitter punch it packs but won’t get anymore. It’s bound to dry-up very quickly and I’d rather invest in a more interesting shade from Jill Stuart.

Japanese Drugstore mini haul

This is another very belated haul pic post from months ago when I went on my first ever visit to Japan! As there were many more important things to be done than shopping (lounging around in hot springs and lots of eating) I only managed a 10 minute visit to a drugstore but had enough time to pick up some things that I’d read about and had been lemming… namely Majolica Majorca and Kate eyeshadows and some mascaras.

Also I couldn’t resist these KitKats in off-beat flavours: Green Tea & Yuzu, and Sweet Potato. I’m not a chocolate purist so I enjoyed these a lot 🙂

How I pass the time

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So the days are getting shorter and the air is bitterly cold in Korea. It’s a biting dry cold so I’m spending most weekday nights in, trying to be productive and getting on with lots of work I have piling up. In reality, what this means is that last night I went hunting through my stash, swatching and foiling my eyeshadows (applying them wet for stronger colour and to emphasise the metallic and shimmer finishes). I have recently decided to wear eyeshadow everyday, rather than just running out of the door with eyeliner and mascara on weekdays.

In no time at all, my arm ended up looking like this. Behold the crazy swatching lady. You will either recognise this disease symptom and empathise or judge me as a sad human being.

MAC Style Black haul

Posted in brushes, eyeshadow, haul, MAC by konglishbeauty on November 18, 2009

Behold my MAC Style black haul. Yes, this post is really late! This was one of those lust collections for me that I’ve been lemming and lemming ever since I heard of it. I wasn’t going to go for the black lipsticks (I actually have a pretty good Barry M black and this girl only needs one black lippie). What I had my eye on was the mineralize eyeshadows, the nail varnishes, the skincare and the greasepaint sticks. Well FAIL on the nail varnishes and skincare because they aren’t being released in Korea. WHAAAAAAT!!!!!!!! I hate it when they do that. We got some crappy repromotes of nail varnish shades which are in the permanent collection in other countries. Grrrr. We also DIDN’T get the greasepaint stick in black for I don’t know what bloody reason.

Luckily I have a friend visiting from the UK who’s bringing me all the missing items (along with a pair of winter boots: you can’t buy my shoe size in Korea in women’s shoes as I have freakishly big feet apparently).

The shadows: LOVE but only when applied wet. I don’t like them dry, too much fall out and a dry dusty look with scattered glitter. But foiled, beautiful. As they’re baked products, they are fine to use wet.

Greasepaint sticks I’d rate 3 out of 5. Great pigmentation, glide on, but they set too quickly and are difficult to blend so limited use as an eyeshadow base. I use it for smokey dark lid colour and eyeliner. These are officially part of the DSqauared collection, not Style Black. The purple is my favourite of the two.

I also bought a back-up of the #165 brush which I love for blusher, powder and highlighter and even blending small areas of concealer. Love.

Stila "Boldly Beautiful" Smudge Pots AKA "Barbie Loves Stila" Smudge Pots

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We got the Barbie Smudge Pots too, except they’re not called Barbie smudge pots. They have the plain normal Smudge Pot labels on the top with colours to reflect the colours of the product within. The shade names are different. Instead of “Cobalt Clutch, Purple Pumps, Little Black Dress” we’ve got Ultraviolet, Electric Blue and Pink Noir. I don’t care and actually prefer the plain labels as they match my other smudge pots.

They’re divine and I don’t want to touch them yet. I might bring myself to provide a swatch of Pink Noir as I haven’t seen any others online at the moment so it might be helpful to all of you. Not yet though, please not yet. In the mean time, Temptalia’s got the blue and violet ones swatched and reviewed.

Stila "Boldly Beautiful" eyeshadow palette A.K.A Barbie Loves Stila All Doll’d Up Eyeshadow Palette

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Korea will NOT be getting the gorgeous new “Barbie Loves Stila” collection with the gorgeous new Smudge Pots or gorgeous new “All Doll’d Up” eyeshadow palette. Am I bovvered though? Look at my face. Look at my face. Look at my face. Does my face look bovvered?

No. Because in Korea, we will be getting the gorgeous new “Boldly Beautiful” eyeshadow palette instead. Whassat? Same damn palette with a different name and packaging 🙂 Innit though.

Lookie here…..

I’ll take one of my guesses and say that because Korea already has an official Korean Barbie cosmetics brand, that Stila can’t use Barbie’s name or trademark here to sell their wares. But why waste a great concept, and great make-up palette. Smart people them Stila people.

By the way, these are MY pictures of MY palette wot I took wiv my own camera so it’s proof that this palette is available outside the USA, albeit in a different form, regardless of what Stila are saying.

I shan’t review the palette in full and instead take you to Temptalia’s fuller review and swatches. I would second everything she says except I can’t bring myself to actually use or swatch the darn thing at the moment, so mesmerised am I at the beauty everytime I open the palette.

Barbie Loves Stila? I told you I ain’t bovvered.

MAC Graphic Garden collection now for sale

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The MAC Graphic Garden collection is now for sale in Korea on their website. It’s pretty late after the states but there doesn’t seem to be any particular rhyme or reason to the timing of new collections: sometimes they hit the same time, sometimes weeks later.

The two palettes are worth getting especially for the extremely cute holographic cover. Me? Darling, I got mine weeks ago via other channels. (A friend from the UK who knows my weakness for special edition palettes).

Review: Gossip Girl Multi palette

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I arrived back in Seoul last Thursday and make-up was not on my list of priorities when I got back. Shower, food and sleep were all I could concentrate on and I had to be up at 7am for work on Friday morning. However sitting at my computer I thought I’d just take a quick look at the Korean make-up websites to see if anything new had been released whilst I was away and discovered that Banila Co had just released its new Gossip Girl collection.

Banila Co is a Korean make-up brand, which is priced mid-range. More expensive than Etude House, Missha or the Face Shop but cheaper than the department store high end brands, Banila Co is mainly a colour cosmetics range with a small skincare line and a few accessories. It has its own standalone stores on the Korean high street as well as having a few counters in department stores. Beauty counter politics means that it’s never in the same hall as the high end brands, but usually in the streetwear and urban apparel sections, designed to appeal to high school and college students.

Banila Co has some great colour cosmetics and has some great eyeshadow and make-up primers. I find it quite derivative in its packaging, marketing and product names especially from Benefit and I wonder at the sheer cheek of some of their products which seem to be direct dupes or copycats. However when the Korean copy, they usually copy well and Banila Co is a definite must try if you’re interested in Korean cosmetics.

I’m guessing the inspiration behind the Gossip Girl collection is the hit American TV series of the same name which is HUGE in Korea right now. The rich prep school uniform is on trend in Korea with both teenagers and old-enough-to-know better 20-somethings tripping around in plaid mini kilts, argyle knee socks and braid trimmed blazers. The boys love it too as Korean males aren’t shy about being fashion forward and Chuck Bass style flamboyant outfits are all the rage here.

Banila Co’s collection doesn’t seem to have anything obviously to do with the TV series, other than the name. The collection is a range of pretty but not groundbreaking Spring brights. The new items in the range are 3 new baked e/s duos that Banila Co is popular for, 3 lipsticks, 3 tinted lip balms, a baked marble blusher, and a new “natural black” shade of gel eyeliner. The other items are repromotes from the permanent line.

I dragged a co-worker out to dinner with me after work on Friday evening purely to avoid staying home and falling asleep early due to jet lag. We went by the local Banila Co counter and took a look in person at the Gossip Girl collection. The only thing that caught my eye and ended in a purchase was the palette and this only for the packaging. I love the overlapping dot pattern on the case although again puzzled as to the Gossip Girl connection. If anything, Gossip Girl is known for kick-starting the big bow trend as seen on the character of Blair Waldorf rather than dots.

The case is lovely, and has a smooth satin metallic finish. It’s the same size and type as the previous Banila Co. palettes released with the Loveholic and Glam collections. (See end of this post for more pictures of these). Inside is a blusher, and three eyeshadow shades.

From the website images, it looked like the powders inside had a pink dot pattern overlay on the surface of the product. However I was a little bit disappointed to see that it was just a protective plastic cover resting on top of the product.
The blusher is a pale pink shimmer, low pigment, with a smooth texture. The eyeshadows are medium pigmented with a smooth texture. The first shade is a shimmer frost white, the second a cool-toned shimmer taupe brown and the third an icing-sugar pink frost.

Swatches without flash

Swatches with flash
To be honest the shades aren’t that unique. I can’t wear the blusher as a cheek shade as it’s too pale and frosty for my skintone, and too pink to use as a highlighter so I’ll use it as an eyeshadow instead. The texture of the powders is fairly smooth and not as crumbly as previous Banila Co. palette shades.

There is a brush included rather than a sponge tip applicator which is a nice touch, although it isn’t great quality. Overall, this palette isn’t worth getting if you have similar shades already. I really only bought it for the cute packaging and i may be developing a little bit of a Banila Co palette collecting habit (help!).

Overall rating: 2 out of 5.

Here are some pictures and swatches of 2 previous Banila co eyeshadow palettes from the Loveholic collection and Glam collection.
I won’t review these but will instead direct you to the fantastic reviews done by Lotuspalace on these on her blog.
Both these palettes are still readily available at Banila Co counters. Of the two, I really love the dark smokey eyes Glam palette and here is a little eye look that I did featuring some of the shades.
There is another palette from the “De La couture” collection, which I don’t have as it sadly sold out very quickly, which features a selection of lovely taupes and browns. See more at Lotuspalace.