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Posted in Offtopic, personal by konglishbeauty on July 30, 2010

Bottled Water
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The above shows something close to my heart…. and I guess it’s kinda related to beauty. Here in Korea no-one ever drinks tap water. Why???? Korean tap water is perfectly clean, healthy and safe to drink. Yet there’s an outcry if I happen to try and drink it. People rush up to me with reasons why I shouldn’t. It’s nonsense. True, it’s not the best tasting and if I have a choice I’ll go for filtered water (there are carbon filtration systems in lots of homes and workplaces in Korea) but I’ve no problem drinking tap to stay hydrated. Rather than running around trying to save the environment in weird and wacky gimmicky ways why not start by simply saying no to expensive, overpriced and unnecesary bottled water?

On the other hand, Korea has got the amount of water it drinks right. There’s none of this fallacy here that drinking litres and litres of water will magically help keep your skin clear and make you slim. There’s this weird hysteria in the UK that people aren’t drinking enough water and our health is suffering as a result. People pledge to drink three litres a day minimum and will lug around 1.5 litre bottles in their bags saying that it reminds them to drink it throughout the day, as if it’s an unpleasant but necessary medicine or health tonic. What rubbish. Drink water when you’re thirsty. It’s like breathing and for most of us it’s something that comes naturally and we shouldn’t bother thinking about. I’m not going to add it to a list of things I should worry about getting a minimum daily amount of. Drinking lots of water won’t make you slim, it’ll just make you visit the bathroom more frequently. Eating less food will make you slim (thank me later). Frankly I think people cling to idea that overdrinking water is something helpful you can do for your health as it’s easier than say, avoiding junk food and going for a walk rather than a pie.

To those who say drinking lots of water will flush out toxins….. if I had my way, I’d ban the word “toxins” from any discussion about health and beauty. If you’re trying to refer to something which is bad for your health and beauty, be specific and knowledgable and name the substance. Otherwise shut the hell up. Toxin is a vague and unhelpful term that pseudo-science hides behind to market whichever snake oil or quack procedure they’re promoting this season. If you really have a poison problem then you need to get yourself to a medical doctor – chugging a bottle of Evian’s not going to cut it.


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  1. Macnunu said, on August 7, 2010 at 3:20 am

    Alas, some one with my sentiments!
    I get odd looks from everyone whenever I open up a tap and stick my glass underneath it. Canadians think their water is “dirty” when in fact their water is better than anything that comes out of a plastic bottle, it’s practically all mountain water for heaven’s sake!
    We didn’t have this bottled water obsession in South Africa, there we just up and open the tap, mothers will mix their baby formula with tap water.
    The cheap Asian in me just wonders why should one pay for water when it’s free.
    The other things I have gripes with is germaphobia, but that’s another rant for another day xD

  2. konglishbeauty said, on August 7, 2010 at 4:34 am

    Macnunu, I’m totally in agreement with you. Is the water you drink causing dysentry or intestinal problems? No? Then it’s probably safe to drink! Being harsh on my fellow developed world priveleged dwellers, I think misguided obesessions with “healthy” living by following weird quack habits like bottled water is a displacement activity to doing boring or sensible things which would ACTUALLY benefit health.
    Germaphobia… I’m in agreement with you. Wash your hands frequently but don’t live in fear of unknown deadly organisms waiting to infect you and die. Our skin’s pretty good at keeping out most nasties. When swine flu hysteria gripped Korea last year (they thought it was the second coming of bubonic plague….. sigh….) sanitising hand gel popped up all over the place. When I actually used the stuff, people would then tell me how terrible it was and that it would kill all the good bacteria on my skin….. you can’t win!

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