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I do not like… Space NK brushes

Posted in brushes, Space NK, tools by konglishbeauty on July 23, 2010

I have no love for Space NK brushes after two have failed me so spectacularly. I bought these two natural hair brushes 3 years ago. The left hand brush is their blusher brush, the right hand brush their powder brush. The bristles on both are soft (blue squirrel hair) and cut well. However the powder brush is floppy and not dense so not the best for face powder application. It’s good for bronzer. However, look what happened to the blusher brush…..

The brush head is not crimped or securely attached to the handle and it has come right off. For £30 I consider that UNACCEPTABLE. I’m no fool, I know how to care for my brushes. I’ve never left it drying in an upright position, letting water steep into the ferrule. I dry all my brushes with the heads hanging over a free edge, facing a downward angle so that any water left in the head drains down away from the ferrule. I wouldn’t dream of immersing the brush head completely in water any more than I’d dream of whacking it repeatedly on a rock. I also shake away any excess water after rinsing. SO IT’S NOT MY FAULT !!!! I know that I can repair it with a dab of glue and I have… but it’s still not acceptable that I have to do this… not when MAC, Bobbi Brown, Kevyn Aucoin, Makeup Forever, Trish McEvoy, Stila, NARS etc etc brushes have not done this to me , ever and I’ve had these brushes many more years than these. Maybe I got a dud? Maybe… but the fact remains that there’s no crimping of the ferrule onto the handle. What’s worse is that the powder brush head also feels loose and wobbly, an indication that it’s going the same way as its smaller headed sibling some time soon.

And if that wasn’t enough to put me off Space NK tools for life… look what happened to the lash comb…

The black plastic outer teeth both snapped off, leaving blunt edges of plastic which have scratched the delicate skin around my eyes when I tried to use the comb and the edges grazed against my eye lids and margins. No I didn’t over wash or handle them vigrously: I wash the metal teeth of the lash comb by gently rubbing it with a clean mascara wand and mild liquid soap under a running tap.

My verdict? Save your money for tools from other brands. My Space NK brushes were expensive, badly made and a big let down.


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