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It’s my birthday and I’ll boast if I want to

Posted in Birthday presents, freebies, Hello Kitty, lipgloss, Offtopic, personal, Thierry Mugler, YouTube by konglishbeauty on July 12, 2010

What’s better than a birthday present ?

A load of birthday presents. Thanks BFF2, you’re a LEGEND for knowing what a greedy cow I am. None of this “less is more” crap for me. MINE… ALL MINE.

When it comes to packaging, this girl could give any Asian girl a run for her money. Just in case you don’t know, it’s a cliche that Asian girls are supposed to be really great at packaging and wrapping gifts. In my experience this is true except in cases where the Asian girl grew up overseas where good packaging means removing the “reduced to clear” sticker off the outside of the plastic wrap. In Korea I’ve received elaborately wrapped works of art which managed to combine the disciplines of origami, flower arranging, ribbon tying and colour theory all in one teeny tiny box containing one Tic Tac sweet. Whilst they might believe in beautiful presentation Korean girls haven’t grasped the deadly sin of gluttony. Thankfully BFF2 is a fully paid-up member of Club Avarice.

The beautifully individually wrapped packages contained  a selection of very British sweets and tacky continental confectionary: Lemon Sherberts, Rhubarb & Custard, Foam Shrimp, Kinder Bueno and Ferrero Rocher. No I didn’t share a single one with anyone else. (Er, have you forgotten that it was my bloody birthday???)

How cute is this wrapping paper?

This was a truly stomach flipping care package from BFF2 but would you believe this is not actually the best present I’ve received from her. In fact I don’t think this even ranks in the top 5. She once sent me an entire letter written on toilet paper, another time I got a missive jotted down on an airplane sick bag and also she used to send me faxes 5 feet long (from the days when faxes spewed out rolls of paper).

It wasn’t all fructose, refined sugar and e-numbers. What would a present for KonglishBeauty be without a bit of beauty in there? Here’s a sneakpeek of what I’ll be reviewing later this week. When it comes to buying stuff for a beauty junkie this stuff has me slobbering at the mouth like a bloodhound. If I had a firstborn child I’d give it away for these.

This card may need a bit more explaining. I don’t worship at the altar of the cute kitties temple (I don’t get all the “Can I haz cheezburger” kitten photoshop movement) but in the past few years I’ve been converted from an animal hater into developing a soft spot for cats after my younger brother smuggled a fluffy kitten into the house and the little furball stole the hearts of all our family members. A few years ago I would have felt nauseous at the sight of such ick. Now I can’t help but melt a little inside. Oh no… this is the beginning of the end of that hard woman exterior I’ve been cultivating all this time.

Give me a few years and I’ll turn into this


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  1. pfefi said, on July 13, 2010 at 3:02 pm

    Yay again! 😀

    ^The above comment potentially not as vacuous as it seems. It’s your birthday season… less comment reading and more present enjoying! n_n

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