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Review: PeriPera Wonder Lip & Cheek cream

Posted in blusher, CLIO, Korean brands, PeriPera, review, Uncategorized by konglishbeauty on July 10, 2010

I’ve been drawn to cream blushers more and more recently for a quick dab of colour on the cheeks. I think it’s as simple as they’ve been easier to reach for than my blush compacts which are nestled in a drawer so in the mornings the extra steps of opening the drawers, selecting a compact AND grabbing a separate powder brush is too much for my addled brain. What a hard life I do lead.

Instead I have a growing collection of little cream blush pots and tubes which are a piece of cake to daub on and run out of the door. These cream blushes from the Korean brand PeriPera caught my eye when I was in the drugstore due to the bright cheerful colour of the testers in the rack. I bought #2 Coral Peach and #4 Sugar Rose.

PeriPera is a teen orientated brand, fairly new, from the company behind CLIO in Korea. The products are mostly cheap and the range is small but focused on colour products mostly with a healthy dose of shimmer. The marketing and merchandising of the products is not great and the stands (mostly found in branches of G.S. Watsons) are usually messy and overloaded. I probably won’t be exploring the rest of the line actively and there isn’t anything particularly stand-out or unique from what I’ve seen and tried.

These cream blushers are very much like Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge’s or Skinfood’s Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek creams. Quite simply these are little tins of cream product for blush and lips. There are 4 shades available of which I bought the brighter two and the other two are lighter. The pink tins are identical to the Bobbi Brown Lip Balm tin and have a secure screw on lid.

I won’t linger too much on this review: these are great easy to use cheek colours. The formula is smooth and blendable, not too soft and have no shimmer or glitter. My only gripe would be that the tins are identical to each other in appearance so you can’t see at a glance what the shade within is. You need to turn over and actually read the shade name on the back. (Gasp! But I’m so lazy!).

I don’t really need these in addition to the Skinfood Fresh Fruit creams but the tin is more durable and travel friendly so there won’t be any potential melting accidents. I can’t remember the exact price of these but it wasn’t expensive.

Overall rating: 4 out of 5

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