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Review: Missha Liquid Real Rouge lip colour

Posted in haul, Korean brands, lipgloss, lipstick, Missha, review by konglishbeauty on July 2, 2010

Today’s review is for Missha Liquid Real Rouge lip colour which is a product I ‘ve changed my mind about in the past year. It was one of the first lip products I bought when I arrived in Korea and discovered the brand. I bought a pink shade, loved it, used it up until I broke the tube (twisted it a little too enthusiastically when closing, literally broke the cap and the wand snapped off inside). It was really cheap so I wasn’t too fussed and put it on my repurchase list where it lay forgotten for glitzier more glamourous products for over a year.

Missha recently had a one day “1 + 1” lip products promotion which means all lip products were buy one, get one free. I hauled like crazy I picked up four of these Liquid Real Rouges. They’re 7800 won for one so two for the price was a genuine bargain.

What are they? Well essentially it’s a liquid lipstick or liquid lip paint. It’s a thin cream lip colour product, applied with a doe-foot wand, which is pigmented, medium coverage has a slight shine but is not a lip gloss. The consistency is too thin and the finish not shiny enough to count as a gloss.

I bought (L-R) PP01, PK01, CR01, BE01.

PP01 is a medium mauvey blue-toned pink, a YLBB (Your-Lips-But-Better) shade on me, cream finish no shimmer. PK01 is a brighter blue-toned rosey pink, little to no shimmer. CR01 is bright (but not loud) pink coral with a subtle gold sheen. BE01 is a warm nude beige, the sheerest of the four, which definitely tints but allows the texture and shade of your natural lips to peek through.

The product has spongey doe foot applicator which picks up a decent amount of product, no double dipping needed.

+ points:

  • Small but lovely colour selection. These are flattering to most skin types and straddle the line between present but not bright. I’ve tried these shades on quite a few people and most people look great in them. I would go as far to say these are safe blind buys. OR01 (which I didn’t get) is an orangey coral which is probably the hardest to pull off.
  • BE01 is a great great GREAT nude! I struggle with nudes as I can look both corpse-like and just plain ridiculous. (A ridiculous corpse??) The secret seems to be in the sheerness of the product but unlike beige nude lipglosses (I’m looking at you MAC C-Thru and Underage) the pigment doesn’t settle into lip lines and cracks. I’ve only succesffuly managed to love a few nudes in my life time and this BE01 is one of them. I felt that “eureka” ping in my head when I applied it on my lips for the first time.
  • Comfortable feel on the lips. Not sticky, not drying, it feels like a smooth cream. Perhaps a little too smooth and slippery….

– points:

  • Ah, the slide of a postive into a negative. Some may find the texture too smooth. I won’t go as far as to say it’s slippery on me (and it’s something I’m fussy about in lip products) but I think it would have been better a touch dryer. It doesn’t dry down on the lips very much, unlike say Chanel Rouge Allure Laques. It has the potential to leave an unsightly mess on the side of cup if you drink whilst wearing it.
  • Poor staying power. Don’t go comparing these to Chanel Rouge Allure Laques or other long-lasting liquid lip creams. This won’t hold up through any friction or rubbing so frequent touch-ups are needed.
  • I reckon these will bleed if you have wrinkles around your lip lines or are prone to that sort of thing.
  • THIS ………………………………………………..

The reason this doe-foot picks up a lot of product  is that the tube has a very loose fitting wiper system on the inside. The scraper is not flush with the wand meaning you get this godawful mess every time you pull the wand out. It’s a pet peeve of mine and is something distinguishing cheap and higher quality wand/tube products. Perhaps you don’t care and will put up with it for the sake of getting lots of product on your applicator. Personally I can be clumsy and will more than likely end up smudging and smearing this somewhere. As you can see from above, all the tubes do this so it’s consistent across the entire line. Deal-breaker.

I ended up only keeping BE01 which is a very special shade for me. The other three I gave away to some of my work colleagues who were absolutely delighted and think these are the bees-knees. This just goes to show that I’m much too picky and obsessive. After all, if it looks nice and feels nice, what’s not to like for this price? Well I can recommend these as nice lippies and whilst I may not buy them again, I reckon lots of people will love them especially for the nice colours.

Overall rating: 3 out of 5. Maybe this should be a 4 but I can’t get over the messy wand

Side note: Never pay full price for Missha if you’re in Korea. They have special deals and 20% off days so often that if you can wait a few weeks you’ll get it cheaper. I’m not usually one to be patient when the make-up lemming clamps down its sharp teeth but I can hold out for Missha and it’s always worth it.


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