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NEW Etude House Pudding Dia Eyeshadows

Posted in Etude House, eyeshadow, Jill Stuart, Korean brands, review by konglishbeauty on July 1, 2010

Lookey… new Etude House eyeshadows with a strange name!

I swatched these in-store yesterday and bought the pink one to try out. It’s a pretty good cheap dupe of Jill Stuart’s Jelly eyeshadows: same texture, same cool watery feeling on application, great longevity but with even more glitter and sparkle. These are really pretty but extremely *bling bling bling* so don’t go anywhere near these if you fear glitter and shine. I would advise applying with a brush as I used my finger tip and then proceeded to leave a trail of glitter on anything I touched for hours afterwards.

These are definitely worth a try especially for the price but the colour selection is inferior to Jill Stuart’s. I don’t love pastels for my eyes but all the shades apply very similar so once on the skin they look more silvery and sparkly. The base colour doesn’t show up very well so my pink shade didn’t look very pink on my eyelids. Pudding is not a bad name for these as the texture is reminiscent of blamanche or some other whipped gelatine dessert concoction. The packaging is a glass pot with a plastic screw on lid.

Overall I like the shade I got for the glitter punch it packs but won’t get anymore. It’s bound to dry-up very quickly and I’d rather invest in a more interesting shade from Jill Stuart.


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