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Posted in fashion, haul, Offtopic, personal by konglishbeauty on June 20, 2010

Non-makeup haul pictures…..Korea is the land of silly decorated socks. I don’t normally wear patterned socks but I picked up a few of these thermal warm socks because I sometimes wear them to bed to let my heavy foot cream moisturiser soak in. It’s definitely sandal time here so I’ve stepped up the footcare a notch. The gloves serve a similar purpose. I’m a compulsive hand washer and in the winter get cracked hands, hangnails and cuticles from dryness. I actually bought these back in January (I’m a leeeetle bit behind on posting on this blog…..) which explains the ear-muffs and leg warmers. Whilst ear-muffs might seem silly, the Korean winters are so bitingly cold that having arrived from relatively mild England, I was completely unprepared. In the beginning I tried hats but I have a massive head so any hat that fits squashes my hair down onto my head so I look like a …. I don’t know what but I look pretty stupid for the rest of the day. Ear-muffs keep my ears warm but also leave my hairdo in place.


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  1. BV said, on June 25, 2010 at 10:05 pm

    I also have a super large head and find it hard to buy a hat that fits. Few do. I like to console myself by saying it is just to fit my super large brain. Not sure if anyone bar me believes that. I actually crochet my own hats now so problem solved! I love the look of the ear muffs!!

    • konglishbeauty said, on June 26, 2010 at 12:30 am

      Kudos on being able to crochet your own hats! I’m all fingers and thumbs when it comes to anything crafty. I do buy hats sometimes but then end up never wearing them as I’m too vain about my hairstyles. Also it seems to encourage crazy static and flyaways so ear muffs it is!

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