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Review: Banila Co “Deep The Eyes” Mascara and Eyeliner

Posted in Banila Co, eyeliner, Korean brands, mascara, review by konglishbeauty on June 18, 2010

Banila Co had a collection out a while ago called “Deep the Night” which was a seasonal winter collection with a few colour items. I bought the limited edition eyeshadow palette and also this mascara and eye liner pencil which I’m reviewing today. The mascara and eyeliner are permanent to the mainline collection and it’s taken me a while to get around to trying these as I wanted to use up some other products.

The outer packaging (boxes) are so pretty but the products inside are not so exciting…. plain black. But I must say that my picture fails to show that the mascara tube is actually made of metal. A matt satin finish metal so that it feels cool to the touch and stays looking good even if you carry it around in your bag with you. I find any make-up products I carry around with me on a daily basis suffer from some wear and tear and even if it doesn’t affect the actual performance of the stuff inside, it’s not so nice pulling out a manky old tube of gloss or mascara. I had the “Deep the Eyes” mascara in my make-up bag for three months and it still looked brand new.

The mascara is so basic that I wouldn’t have bothered reviewing it except that it’s a tube mascara. So this means it’s smudge and humidity resistant and great if you live in humid weather or suffer from watery eyes. It’s got a nice deep black colour and rather unusually for a tube mascara, gives a bit of volume. Not a whole lot, but compared to Clinique Lash Power, or Dejavu Fiberwig, this does add much more thickness.

The wand is a traditional brush affair and it’s medium sized so not your DiorShow or Maybelline Colossal size monster wand. I was initially pretty happy with this mascara until I wore it a few days and realised what it was that was bothering me.

This mascara does not maintain the look you get just after you’ve finished applying it. The formula is not overly wet (or thick) but it seems not to completely dry down and has a slightly tacky or rubbery finish to it. Whilst it doesn’t smudge at all, my eyelashes start to stick together throughout the day as my eyelids move naturally and my lashes brush up against each other. I’d put two coats on in the morning (after curling and Shiseido Mascara base) and it applied smoothly, didn’t clump and looked pretty nice, giving my lashes the separated fanned-out look I wanted. But when I’d check my make-up at mid-day, the lashes were stuck together and clumped. They weren’t glued together (I would have noticed that on application) but had become stuck together sometime throughout the morning.

Hmmph. Not a good look, and not something I can really get around. Now I don’t go around rubbing my eyes together during the day (fastest way to get germs into you…) , nor do I squint and squash my eyes together a lot either. But I do sometimes fall asleep on the bus or subway and like ANY normal creature, I do blink and move my eyelids periodically. This seems to be what causes movement of my eyelashes which sticks them together with this mascara.

Needless to say I WON’T be repurchasing this or recommending it to anyone else.  I did use it up (3 months for me) but I didn’t touch it for the evening or times when I needed to look my best.

+ points:

  • No smudging, flaking or smearing throughout the day whatsoever
  • Deep black formula
  • Little bit of thickening and lengthening
  • Easy removal with warm water
  • Basic but effective brush
  • Sturdy packaging

– points:

  • STICKS LASHES TOGETHER! Not clumpy on application but never dries down so if lashes have any contact with each other they’ll stick together.
  • No curl holding: had to use a mascara base underneath
  • 18,000 won. Not what I’d call cheap for a Korean brand mascara.

Overall rating: 2 out 5.

I’m an idiot and forgot to take my own pictures of the eyeliner pencil so here’s a picture from the Banila Co website. It’s a basic pencil eyeliner which I wouldn’t have bothered buying or reviewing except that it’s a really rich deep black and a great dupe for MAC’s Feline Kohl pencil. They’re identical in wear on the skin and it’s great for giving a really deep black waterline/tightline. The wear’s not great and will smudge a lot if I use it on my lashline but for inside eye rims it’s fine.

Quick rating: 3 out of 5 (mostly for the colour)


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