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Volcanic Ash

Posted in Uncategorized by konglishbeauty on May 17, 2010

One woman’s face scrub is the aviation industry’s pain in the butt. (The type that requires extensive painful surgery).

I shouldn’t make light of the volcanic ash eruption that’s plaguing Northern Europe at the moment. I have family members whose livelihood depends on the travel industry and I’ve had friends who have really almost moved hell and earth (via Istanbul) trying to get back to the UK after being stranded across the world due to Eyjafjallajokul spewing its guts out across Europe and its environs. But I can’t help but laugh when the very stuff that’s playing havoc with airspaces is the same stuff I’m sloughing my face with at night.

When MAC came out with the limiled edition Volcanic Ash exfoliator a couple of years ago, I’m guessing even they didn’t realise how popular it would be. A black tar-like substance, with the consistency of swamp silt, packaged in the plainest of plastic tubs and smelling distinctly herbal and salty, it looked more like the kind of stuff you’d scrape off the bottom of your shoe rather than smear on your face.

Yet smear and scrub we did leaving behind glowing smooth skin. The MAC junkies were hooked and clamouring for more. People started stockpiling, calling obscure MAC counters around the world to haul tubs left right and centre. Sensibly MAC re-released VAE (Volcanic Ash Exfoliator) last year, tacking it onto the Style Black collection. It was one of the first products I chose for Because Magazine’s website. The lemmings rushed squeaking to the counters to stockpile.

Due to MAC’s inconsistent worldwide release decisions, we didn’t get VAE over here. I ordered 4 tubes from the UK and had a visiting friend lug it over in her suitcase along with the mask as well. I’ve been carefully rationing my supply ever since. Given the current situation on the other VAE (Volcanic Ash Eruption) I might do well to hide any remaining supplies I take back to the UK when I return later this year. By that point I’ve no doubt that any form of volcanic ash will be declared a class A banned substance especially anywhere near airports.


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  1. pfefi said, on May 17, 2010 at 11:48 pm

    indeed! or they’ll restrict you to just 100mL of ash. 😛

  2. konglishbeauty said, on May 18, 2010 at 1:02 pm

    I should just save time and stick my head out of the airplane window as we’re flying through the ash to give myself a fresh air dermabrasion!

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