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Etude House Lip Perfumes

Posted in Etude House, Korean brands, lipbalm, lipgloss, review, Uncategorized by konglishbeauty on May 15, 2010

I’ve recently bought all four of the Etude House Lip Perfumes after swearing I wouldn’t get them when they first came out. The idea of “Lip Perfume” is a bit hit or miss because your lips are right under your nostrils so anything fragranced on your lips will smell very strong, linger persistently and can interfere with taste as taste and odour in the mouth are so closely tied. However a recent bout of extreme dryness of my skin and lips revived an interest in richer lip balms and so I’ve been exploring some new products.

These balms are primarily a thick textured lip balm with a glossy finish. And yes, they’re very scented. The four variations are #1 Peach, #2 Grapefruit, #3 Passion Fruit and #4 Apple. These are not delicate fragrances. Each balm smells strong, artificial and will be unbearable for anyone who’s even slightly irritated by scented lip balms. However I’ve grown to like them simply because they remind me of Etude House. Each Etude House branch is heavily scented with its own unique scent, a fruity floral leaning on fresh and tart rather than sweet. It’s very distinctive and works to create a definite sensory experience when you’re in the store. That and the candy pink plastic fittings and chattering teenage girls everywhere. Retail ambience is where individual stand-alone stores beat department store beauty halls as the brand has complete control over all the shop-floor variables. Think about the Body Shop or Lush and how unique each store is. Lush in particular has an extremely powerful smell in and around all its retail spaces which might be heavy handed but succeeds in rubber stamping the brand identity in your brain via singed nose hairs.

These lip perfumes are very reminiscent of the scented air in Etude House stores and as they remind me of playing and shopping for make-up, what’s not to like? On the lips, these balms wear very well and have a thick smooth consistency which moisturise and leave a glossy finish but with no colour. They’re not sticky but have definite slip to them. I adore the heavy glass pots with the cute and slightly creepy girl faces on the lids. Bonus points for the macaroon reminiscent palette which inspires the pokemon disease. I love having them around and subsequently got a little snap-happy. Enjoy.

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  1. Kate said, on February 1, 2011 at 7:52 pm

    I live in Korea and bought the “Peach” one … LOVE it : ) I want to get the grapedruit one as well but whenever I go to Etude House I think of other things I need more than a duplicate 😛

  2. konglishbeauty said, on February 1, 2011 at 9:23 pm

    I absolutely love mine and will keep and refill them once I’m done with them.

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