Konglish Beauty

Stop the scaremongering. Leave our fragrances alone.

Posted in Uncategorized by konglishbeauty on May 13, 2010

Anyone who knows anything about fragrances and what they’re made of should be outraged at the scaremongering and busy body interfering organisations trying to ban synthetic aroma chemicals. Whilst I understand that it’s not polite to waft an animalic full bodied furry musk at your co-workers first thing in the morning (Why hello Musc Koublai Khan) this is an over reaction to a problem which in the grand scheme of things will be insignificant to most.

Our overcalorific, sedentary, excessive greedy lifestyles will kill us faster than inhaling a few chemicals will.


(I pinched the word “olfactophobia” from Octavian Coiffan at 1000fragranges. )




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