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WHAT! Shu Uemura pulling out the USA

Posted in Uncategorized by konglishbeauty on March 30, 2010

This is a genuine OH MY GOD moment for beauty addicts in America and will strike fear into Shu Uemura fans outside of Asia. The much much much loved and adored brand are pulling OUT of America.

Check out the announcement via Temptalia.

How how how are the eyelashes of America going to bend without the will of Shu’s famous curlers? What are delicate eyelids going to do without the soft sable eyeshadow shader brushes? How will taupe eyeshadow lovers cope without ME Silver 945 and ME Brown 850. Shocking. Shocking.

Apparently over 80% of Shu’s business is in Asia which might have something to do with L’Oreal’s decision. If that’s the case all you European Shu addicts had better start stockpiling now in case L’Oreal’s portfolio spring clean spreads over the Atlantic. A small comfort is that they’ll still be running an online operation. However, I think that the beauty halls of department stores are going to be a sadder and forlorn place without the rows and rows of clear lucite cubes and tubes holding some of the best pigmented colours and artisan brushes our faces have ever felt.


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