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Buffing is the new blending

Posted in brushes, review, The Body Shop, tools by konglishbeauty on March 17, 2010

I swear that the term “buffing” in relation to make-up techniques has only been widely used in the past 5 years. Ever since Bare Escentuals broke onto the scene with their “Swirl! Tap! Buff!” mantra we’ve been busy eroding our faces into nothing with vigorous swirling motions. Buffing has its place although overzealous practice will irritate faces especially used with pokey brushes.

My new face brush discovery came innocuously enough last year when I was in the Body Shop browsing for body butters and I came across their Nature’s Minerals minerals make-up range.
I’m not a personal fan of mineral make-up and I tried and failed to love the Body Shop’s version. However the two buffer brushes in the range are excellent and I wanted to give them a shout-out.

First and foremost, they are lovely and soft. When it comes to buffing softer is better as you want the roundest, most pliable brush ends possible to be rubbing up against your precious face. Buffing is not the same as just taking a big fluffy brush and haphazardly stroking powder across your face to take off a bit of shine. Buffing is picking up a load of powder, and gently but firmly smooshing it into the planes of your face to distribute the product evenly. Would you do that with a wire wool brush? No? Well don’t do it with a rough scratchy brush either. Unless you want your face to resemble ground up meat.

Secondly both brushes are densely packed with hairs. You need a dense brush as the density of the bristles support each other so the brush head is firm enough to provide the support needed for buffing and the brush head has a large surface area to cover enough of our face to get the job done quickly. I want to be done buffing in seconds not minutes.

The brushes have synthetic hairs. Years ago I was told to use natural hair brushes only for powder textures and synthetic hairs for cream texture. I’ve since abandoned that rule and these brushes work with both powders and creams. In fact it’s the synthetic buffer brushes which tend to be softer than a lot of natural hair brushes. Pony hair brushes feel particularly rough compared to these synthetic softies.

The foundation brush is larger and great for powder, bronzer and in particular, powder foundation. The blusher brush is smaller and good for foudnation, blusher and primer. Both brushes wash well, have minimal shedding and fabulously are easily found at all Body Shop branches. They do come with plastic sleeves for portability but they’re pretty thin and rubbish. I use mine at home and have another fabulous retractable buffer brush I carry around. Yes, I’m showing off.

I don’t have any of the synthetic buffer brushes by Coastal Scents or Everyday Minerals which come highly recommended by other beauty aficionados but I can compare the Body Shop ones to the Makeup Forever HD one, and they out perform them, are better built and cheaper too.


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