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Review: The Body Shop Divide & Multiply mascara

Posted in mascara, review, The Body Shop by konglishbeauty on December 11, 2009

This is the first Body Shop mascara I’ve ever tried. I never consider the Body Shop when buying mascara. I’ve tried (and like) lots of other things from their range and some of the first few make-up items I ever bought were from the make-up range back when it was called Colourings and it had Barbara Daly as their creative consultant.

But mascara has never been their strong point and sadly Divide & Multiply mascara doesn’t change that.

The one I tried was a mini which I received as a GWP package. The brush has rows of combs with plastic teeth.

If you look at the wand close up above, you might just be able to make out teeny tiny little fibres between the teeth. I swear that the formula contains fibers although they’re nowhere near as dense or spiky as the Japanese/Korea fiber mascaras.

The mascara claims to be separating and lengthening and it sortof is except it suffers from one of my pet peeves: a quick drying formula with very little play time. Trying to build more than 2 coats of this mascara will lead to clump city, even with the plastic comb wand. Sticking to two coats of mascara, it’s easy to brush through and it adds a bit of length. The formula dries too hard for my liking and lashes look stiff which is very noticeable. I tried it with and without Shiseido mascara base and both times it was a fail.

It’s quite expensive compared to its very basic packaging and formula.

+ points:

  • Comb applicator brushes through and separates lashes well
  • Wand has a narrow point and reaches both inner and outer lashes easily
  • Keeps a curl quite well
  • No smudging

– points:

  • Doesn’t add much length or volume
  • Very little playtime
  • Lashes look stiff and spikey
  • Can’t apply more than 2 coats without clumps
  • Some flaking due to quick drying formula

I won’t repurchase and am glad I didn’t pay for it.
Overall rating: 2 out of 5


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