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Non beauty: winter necessities

Posted in Offtopic by konglishbeauty on November 23, 2009

It is COLD in Korea. I’m from the UK and whilst we bitch and moan a lot about the weather there, the winters are still relatively mild. It gets cold, windy and wet but temperature wise, it doesn’t drop below 0°c very often. A big comfy winter coat and scarf are usually enough to keep me warm. But in Korea, it’s the opposite. There is a lot of sunlight even in winter and the air is brisk and dry but it starts getting very cold from October and snow and freezing temperatures are normal. Luckily this year the onset of the big freeze has been late but I couldn’t deny last week that it was time to get the winter arsenal out.

There are the usual suspects: coats, hats, mittens, scarves. But as well as that, all other extremeties need to be protected as the cold air creeps into any gaps in clothing. Cue a shopping haul of accessories.

This is a thin lightweight wraparound scarf to wear inside a coat. Yes, sometimes I need two scarves, an inside one in addition to a think woolly outer scarf. Koreans call winter scarves a muffler, which is a Konglish term I believe. 6000won. Bargain.

These are leg warmers/arm cuffs. I need legwarmers here to keep wind from climbing up my ankles. These also double up as arm cuffs incase I’m working a shorter sleeve inside. The bows are detachable.

ULTRAlong legwarmers which come up to my knees with ample length to still scrunch.

Longer length fingerless gloves/arm cuffs. I discovered the value of these in London when the office I was working in at the time had crap heating. I was still able to type and protect my bare wrists from the cold glass desk I worked on. I bought pair in Korea last year and pretty much didn’t take them off during the whole of December and January.

Before I came to Korea, I only wore legwarmers or earmuffs as silly novelty accessories but I am now convinced of their worth as essential winter wear. I’ve also bought (for the first time in my life) a puffy padded winter jacket which makes me look like the offspring of a Smurfette and the Michelin Man. (It’s bright blue). In the UK I only ever wore puffa jackets when working on an outdoor shoot.

Shoewise, luckily my Adidas Superstar trainers are well insulated and I’m waiting for my international BFF courier friend to deliver my new winter boots this week. I also have lots of hats, although I’m battling hat-hair every day now. These kind of removable winter accessories are better in Korea than too much thermal underwear as the buildings are all well heated so you might find yourself coming in from the cold and dying of suffocating heat in a room.

Brrrrr. Winter’s well and truly here.


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