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Oil Blotting Film

Posted in Clean and Clear, Etude House by konglishbeauty on November 22, 2009

Pat an oil blotting film onto a shiny nose, feel it suck up all the grease from the surface of your skin, then watch the clouds part and light stream down from heaven. All is well in the world.

Lots of people claim to have trouble with oily skin and a shiny T-zone. I divide those people into two categories. Those who are fine with lightly dabbing their shiny nose with one of those oil blotting PAPERS (which look like thin tissue paper) and say they don’t see the point in paying money for more expensive oil blotting film, do not belong in my category.

Those oil blotting papers are useless to me. They don’t absorb enough, I’d have to use 6 of them to do my face (and it’s NOT because I have huge face. Well I do, but that’s not why). They’re weak and they tear easily. It’s like trying to mop up an up-ended cup of tea with a single piece of tissue.

Oil blotting film is an entirely different thing. These have a unique rubbery surface and are a plasticy film rather than paper. They are super absorbent and whisk away oil from the skin leaving a completely dry surface. The evidence is right there. Take the film away from your skin and you will see the grease patch on the surface of the film like kitchen paper which has absorbed grease. This will gross out those with more delicate tendencies. Me? I find it hugely satsifying. I’d much rather that that oil be on the film than still on my face.

The sheet goes translucent when there’s oil on it. I couldn’t bring myself to post a picture of a sheet with oil from my actual face (ewwwww. I’m more delicate than I think I am). Below is a picture of a sheet with a drop of body oil, which I then held up vertically so the drop ran down the length of the sheet.

I usually use two for a touch-up (look, I admitted I have a big face). I blot and dab throughout the day. I stash packs of these everywhere and I always feel fresher after use. I may then follow up with a dusting of pressed powder afterwards. I really do feel so much better after using them. Anyone on my side of the oily skin fence will relate.

My favourite brand are Clean and Clear’s oil blotting film. These were the first brand I tried and I have an emotional attachment to them. The bright blue colour of the film cheers me up. Tragically these were withdrawn from sale in the UK (no idea why) so I had to bulk buy them when I visited the States. Thankfully in Korea they are available everywhere.

These two below are from Etude House and Gatsby (available at Olive Young, Watsons and other drugstores). They are identical in function, the only difference being that the Gatsby ones are grey and slightly larger. They’re marketed at men so maybe that’s why. Price-wise all three brands are very similar so there’s not that much to choose between them.

MAC and Clinique also do oil blot films. The sheets are larger than the Clean and Clear ones but they’re more expensive. Function wise they’re the same so take your pick.


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