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MAC Style Black haul

Posted in brushes, eyeshadow, haul, MAC by konglishbeauty on November 18, 2009

Behold my MAC Style black haul. Yes, this post is really late! This was one of those lust collections for me that I’ve been lemming and lemming ever since I heard of it. I wasn’t going to go for the black lipsticks (I actually have a pretty good Barry M black and this girl only needs one black lippie). What I had my eye on was the mineralize eyeshadows, the nail varnishes, the skincare and the greasepaint sticks. Well FAIL on the nail varnishes and skincare because they aren’t being released in Korea. WHAAAAAAT!!!!!!!! I hate it when they do that. We got some crappy repromotes of nail varnish shades which are in the permanent collection in other countries. Grrrr. We also DIDN’T get the greasepaint stick in black for I don’t know what bloody reason.

Luckily I have a friend visiting from the UK who’s bringing me all the missing items (along with a pair of winter boots: you can’t buy my shoe size in Korea in women’s shoes as I have freakishly big feet apparently).

The shadows: LOVE but only when applied wet. I don’t like them dry, too much fall out and a dry dusty look with scattered glitter. But foiled, beautiful. As they’re baked products, they are fine to use wet.

Greasepaint sticks I’d rate 3 out of 5. Great pigmentation, glide on, but they set too quickly and are difficult to blend so limited use as an eyeshadow base. I use it for smokey dark lid colour and eyeliner. These are officially part of the DSqauared collection, not Style Black. The purple is my favourite of the two.

I also bought a back-up of the #165 brush which I love for blusher, powder and highlighter and even blending small areas of concealer. Love.


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