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Smith’s Rosebud Salve haul

Posted in haul, lipbalm by konglishbeauty on November 17, 2009

These have just arrived in Korea! These would be Smith’s Rosebud Salve, a multipurpose emollient balm for lips, cuticles, heels and anywhere susceptible to dry chapped skin.

Olive Young are carrying the entire range. To be honest this is one of those stupid “I bought if for the packaging” purchases (hangs head in shame). I don’t love the balm. I prefer a slightly thicker richer texture for lip balm, and these feel too thin and slippery for me. You can tell on application that they’re a mostly petrolatum base as they feel almost exactly like Vaseline.

I bought one of these years ago, lost it and never repurchased. However the excitement of seeing them in Korea and seeing all the new varieties invoked the pokemon disease in me (one of Musings Of A Muse trademark phrases: main symptom is an unquenchable desire “to collect them all!” ).

There are six variations: Original Rose, Strawberry, Minted Rose, Boysenberry, Mocha Rose and Eucalyptus Mint.

They look slightly tinted but really the colour is non-discernible. The scents are nice, but face quickly (probably not a bad thing). The tins are ADOREABLE. I shall be using these at home, and not carrying them around, lest I dent them. They’re sitting on my dressing table and make me ridiculously happy everytime I stare at them.

Win !!!

They are overpriced in Korea. There’s a set of three which you can buy in tin, as shown above. The three balms in the tin are the original, Strawberry and Minted Rose. If you buy the set of three in the tin you do make a saving but it’s a pitiful 3000won. Bah.


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