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Review: Innisfree Nail varnish "Creamy Grey" and "Creamy Cocoa"

Posted in Innisfree, Korean brands, nail varnish, review by konglishbeauty on November 16, 2009

I’m hunting for grey toned nail polish and today I’m reviewing two Innisfree nail varnishes in shades “Creamy Cocoa” NPU06 and “Creamy Grey” NBK03. These were really cheap (1500 ์›) and looked lovely in the bottle. I only have pictures of the grey shade but the review applies to both. “Creamy Grey” is a pale cement shade and the “Creamy Cocoa” is a minky cool brown. Both are cream finish, with no shimmer. I was excited to try them on as I’ve a few lovely dark Innisfree polishes that I love.

These are absolutely R.U.B.B.I.S.H. Low pigmentation and sheer with bald patches visible after FOUR coats. Unacceptable. I tried to frankenpolish the grey one to make it acceptable by pouring in a good measure of black polish but alas, this one is just a dud. I abandoned both bottles in a bathroom in my local mall, which I always do with FAIL nail polishes. There are so many teenage girls buzzing around the mall that I reckon they’d be pleased to find a lost polish and give it a whirl.

The pictures below show nail swatches with four coats and no topcoat. Does this look like the bottle colour to you?

The brushes were inconsistent. The one in the grey bottle was fine but the brown one had dents and bent fibres. It wasn’t a couple of bent fibres either, it was lots, like the whole brush had warped. Grrrr.

The brown ones was slightly better than the brown, but I still wouldn’t bother with these.

Not all Innisfree nail colours are the same, as I’ve some other ones in the range that I love but I felt compelled to review these ones to tell you all not to bother.

Rating: 0 out of 5


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