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Beauty blogs: fanning the flames of my obsession

Posted in fragrance, nail varnish, personal by konglishbeauty on November 13, 2009

I’ve mostly written about colour face cosmetics on this blog as it’s my first love. However over the years, I’ve also developed a passion for fragrance and nail varnish and this is mostly due to online blogs and discussion boards.

Falling in love with some Annick Goutal’s Songes and Serge Lutens’ Ambre Sultan six years ago, I delved online to read up on both lines more, and like Alice falling into the rabbit hole I fell headlong and hopelessly into the rich, evocative and yes smelly world of perfume. Thank you Basenotes, Perfume Posse and in particular Now Smell This. I visit all three sites daily and have learned so much and been introduced to lines and products I would never have even looked at. Occasionally, when faced with the pain of an impossible to get vintage extrait de parfum (Caron Poivre) or ridiculously overpriced scent (By Killian Pure Oud) I briefly wish that I had never taken the red pill and remained in the ignorant blue pill state of wearing Angel and Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. Life was a lot simpler when I had no clue who the hell Annick Menardo, Maurice Roucel or Luca Turin were. But I like pain and there’s the thrill of the chase of HTF things (and in the mean time there’s The Perfumed Court for decants).

How could things get worse? Stand up All Laquered Up and Scrangie. You are hereby charged with promotion and solicitation of all things nail related and in particular all shades, textures and variations of blue, green and purple nail polish. I can now distinguish between a creme, jelly, shimmer, metallic, chrome, holo, glitter, hex glitter and flakie finish on a bottle of nail polish. I use the word “blurple’ in regular language. I can debate the pros and cons of 3 free. In my defense, there is a background history as in my previous job I once worked with a mass market paint company so am used to dealing with 50 shades of beige wall paint in a variety of finishes. (I still have nightmares about trademarked shade names in moments of distress). I express my love of colour through nail polish, rather than clothes. My wardrobe looks like that of a scruffy nun’s most of the time with the majority of my clothes being black and grey.

Addictive personality check list:
Make-up obsession – check.
Fragrance obsession – check.
Nail varnish obsession – check.
Cosmetic procedures – experimental stage.


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