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Much loved freebie

Posted in Etude House by konglishbeauty on October 27, 2009

Gifts with purchases are a hit or miss thing. I love freebies and particularly anything mini size. I used to hoard the samples and mini cosmetics that my mother gave me when I was a pre-teen and even now, a good gift with purchase can sway me at the make-up counter. However there are also a lot of useless things thrown in for free and I’ve tossed and given away countless other freebies. I hate sachets of products. They leak and being cackhanded, I always managed to squirt them halfway across the room rather than into my hand.

In Korea, you will usually get fistfuls of samples and freebies when you buy make-up from any brand. The highend brands aren’t so generous, but even they will usually give a skincare sample of something. It’s actually the cheaper brands who will throw lots of things in, and it makes shopping at Etude House, Missha or Skinfood double the fun as you skip out with a paper bag crammed with goodies, only a couple of which you’ve paid for.My favourite freebie so far has to be this pink fringe stabiliser from Etude House. I’d never seen these in the UK but they’re popular in Asia and a genius idea. All it is, is the sticky rough side of velcro. You use it to keep your fringe or hair out of your face when you do your make-up. The genius lies in the fact that it doesn’t leave a dent or kink in your hair like hair clips can do or push your style out of whack like a hairband can. When you’re done, it just slides out of your hair. Simple but oh-so effective.And being Etude House, obviously it’s pink and shaped like a bow. Obviously.


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