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Stila "Boldly Beautiful" eyeshadow palette A.K.A Barbie Loves Stila All Doll’d Up Eyeshadow Palette

Posted in eyeshadow, palette, Stila by konglishbeauty on September 28, 2009

Korea will NOT be getting the gorgeous new “Barbie Loves Stila” collection with the gorgeous new Smudge Pots or gorgeous new “All Doll’d Up” eyeshadow palette. Am I bovvered though? Look at my face. Look at my face. Look at my face. Does my face look bovvered?

No. Because in Korea, we will be getting the gorgeous new “Boldly Beautiful” eyeshadow palette instead. Whassat? Same damn palette with a different name and packaging 🙂 Innit though.

Lookie here…..

I’ll take one of my guesses and say that because Korea already has an official Korean Barbie cosmetics brand, that Stila can’t use Barbie’s name or trademark here to sell their wares. But why waste a great concept, and great make-up palette. Smart people them Stila people.

By the way, these are MY pictures of MY palette wot I took wiv my own camera so it’s proof that this palette is available outside the USA, albeit in a different form, regardless of what Stila are saying.

I shan’t review the palette in full and instead take you to Temptalia’s fuller review and swatches. I would second everything she says except I can’t bring myself to actually use or swatch the darn thing at the moment, so mesmerised am I at the beauty everytime I open the palette.

Barbie Loves Stila? I told you I ain’t bovvered.


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