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Death knell for Prescriptives

Posted in news, personal, Prescriptives by konglishbeauty on September 18, 2009

Oh dear. Musings of Muse reports today that Estee Lauder Companies is killing off Prescriptives!
This is a big deal for me, as it comes after the news of Stila pulling out of all foreign non-USA countries, and Procter & Gamble killing off Max Factor in the USA. Brands come and go, but when it’s a major established one like Prescriptives, it does stun me. Prescriptives was famous for its personalised custom blend service which is life saver if you have trouble finding off-the-shelf foundations right for your skin tone. I splurged on a few bottles of the custom blend when I was a teenager and couldn’t find a liquid foundation for my yellow-beige Asian skin tone in the UK. You could also get concealers and powders custom blended too.

They also had a great skincare line, with favourites such as the Super Line Preventor (an anti-oxidant rich silky serum) and the Flight cream (for parched travel weary skin). They were also one of the first mainstream brands to sell a foundation brush and their Magic range of products with light reflectors and optical diffusion particles were holy grail items for many women.

cK Calvin Klein cosmetics seem to be biting the dust too. I did a feature for a magazine on cK cosmetics when it launched 18 months ago and remember thinking at the time that it was a big mediocre. The packaging was by Fabien Baron but poorly executed and the products themselves had a poor colour selection.

I guess with the constant arrival of new brands and lines, some the existing brands have to die. But tis a pity. I’m really sad.


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