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Jill Stuart and missing NARS

Posted in Japanese brands, Jill Stuart, NARS, personal by konglishbeauty on September 16, 2009

MiuMiu alerted me to the fact that Jill Stuart cosmetics are now available in Korea and the USA bloggers are all buzzing with the fact that the Jill Stuart cosmetics line is now available in her New York flaghip store. Jill Stuart is a brand I’ve only become aware of since coming to Korea. In fact, I’d never even heard of the designer in the UK. As far as I know, her clothing line isn’t stocked in any UK stores and she’s not an advertiser or high fashion enough to make an appearance in the UK based fashion magazines. That’s not a criticism on my part, I’ve no experience of her clothes to make such a judgement, but like designers such as Nanette Lapore she doesn’t get write-ups in the UK fashion press and I’ve just not been aware of the brand’s existence.

However YouTube and beauty blogs have alerted me to the make-up line and it’s one of the most hyped asian available brands. I’m planning a big Japan trip next year and it was on my list (up there with Majolica Majorca) to cruise when I was in town. You all know what a lemming I am, so if there’s something my fellow beauty junkies love, chances are that I’ll love it too.

I did take a long hard look when I was in Shinsegae (JS’s sole Korean stockist at the moment) at the weekend. Hmmmmm. Not completely sold. The packaging has a very dainty uber princess vibe, all mirrored decorative frilly patterned cases, and isn’t really my thing. It reminds me of a mirrored version of the Anna Sui line, which I also don’t love despite having tried. The eyeshadow quads, which have gorgeous packaging, don’t appeal to me with their shade selection as the majority are pale, shimmery shades. There were no bright or intense shades or duochromes which would have won me over. I’ll also heard some gripes about pigmentation issues, although the shades I swatched were fine, although oversparkly and glittery.

The only things which I considered buying were the blushers, which come in a square pan with 4 shades to blend and customise. I got a bit confused as to which shade was which as the majority of the shade selections were similar (containing a bright pink, pale pink, coral and highlighter in each pan). I will buy and try one of these soon so I can get a feel for the products.

It may be that it’s a line that I initially don’t dive into but end up falling in love with gradually (usually accompanied by major hauls) but it may also end up being like Anna Sui and Paul & Joe for me, both brands which are beloved in Asia but leave me a bit cold.

Unrelated issue: I really really really miss NARS make-up. I’m craving the eyeshadow duos, special edition 6 shade eyeshadow palettes and the blushers. I don’t know why they haven’t been introduced in Korea, I’m sure they’d do well. Korean women love their high-end make-up and so many niche and artist brands do well over here (e.g. Fresh, Giorgio Armani, Makeup Forever) so there’s definately a market. Please come to Korea! I once interviewed Francois Nars himself for a profile in a UK fashion magazine and despite his reputation, found him to be charming and accomodating. I’m such a pathetic fan girl that I kept him on the phone for nearly an hour, gushing like a numpty and he patiently sat through it all.


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