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Review: Missha Sexy Eye Mascara 4 Line Brush

Posted in Korean brands, mascara, Missha, review by konglishbeauty on September 6, 2009

One of my first ever reviews on this blog was for Missha’s Sexy Eye Mascara Multi brush. It was one of the first mascaras I bought in Korea and I had been suckered in by the beautiful packaging with the diamante stone in the top and the comb brush applicator. Sadly on that occasion, the mascara was a fail and didn’t live up to expectations. Darn it.

But I’m happy to report that its sister mascara, the Sexy Eye Mascara 4 Line Brush is much much better.
This mascara also has the lovely metallic casing and twinkling stone in the cap, but the case is a smokey grey lilac. This mascara is a fiber type mascara and happily one of the new generation ones where the fibers are smaller and non-irritating. I can wear this all day without feeling like I’m being pricked in the lashline with tiny little needles. The fibers lengthen my lashes and give a lovely fluttery wide eyed look. This mascara really separates my individual lash hairs and fans them out. With my Shiseido Mascara base underneath I get a great set of lashes I’m very happy with. The colour is not as black as it could be, and it doesn’t give enormous volume but it does build up nicely without clumping. What makes this mascara great is the wand. It’s a comb/brush style, which means it has 4 rows of plastic comb-like teeth. Having 4 rows as opposed to just 1 row of teeth means that it really combs out clumps and builds length, taming those pesky fibers into straight long lashes. It’s one of the most effective comb/brush wands I’ve seen and beats the 1 row products (like Bourjois “Say Yes to Volume” mascara) in performance. Think about the difference between combing your hair and brushing your hair and you get the idea. I think the brush wand makes all the difference when using a fiber type mascara, and if the Deja Vu Fiberwig mascara had this type of wand, we might have become better friends. This mascara is one of those products that I actively enjoy using and would look forward to doing my make-up as it gave me the pleasure of wielding the brush wand again. Yep, that good. The lasting power is great, and I had no smudging or flakiness. My only wish is that the formula would be a touch darker as it’s not as inky black as it could be. I’ve got a back-up in my stash and I’ll definitely pick up a few more tubes before leaving Korea later this year. Win!

Rating: 4 out 5.


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