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Review: Givenchy Phenomen’eyes Mascara

Posted in Givenchy, mascara, review by konglishbeauty on September 4, 2009

I’m continuing on with mascaras for the moment. I love mascara and will never be done with them, so don’t even try and moan. Apparently in the U.K. mascara is the one make-up item that most women won’t leave the house without applying so the mascara love-affair is widespread.
Today’s review is for Givenchy’s Phenomen’eyes mascara. It made a huge splash when it released just over a year ago. In the states it was launched as a Sephora exclusive and sold out online in record time. I stalked the Givenchy counter myself until it was released as I was desperate to try out the new ball shaped applicator. I think I actually gave a little scream when I saw it, and my friend N who was with me rolled her eyes. (She’s been witness to my make-up hysterics before.)

Phenomen’eyes’ USP is its ball shaped applicator with spikes. I knew I’d like the applicator even before I tried it. I just knew. And I was right. I loved it. It takes longer to do a full lash application as the ball is smaller than a traditional wand but I love the precise application and the fact you can get right down to the roots, grab each and every single lash and all the little inner and outer hairs. Make-up artists must love this as the applicator is truly versatile, offering 360 degree ease of application. Other things I like about Phenomen’eyes:

  • The colour, a deep inky black
  • The volume
  • Smooth, non-clumpy application
  • Separation of lashes
  • The proportions of the tube

The BIG let down for this mascara and the deal-breaker for me…. the formula is smudgey, smeary and produces dark rings under the eyes. Euuuuuuurrrrgh.

I don’t have a huge problem with mascara smudging under the eyes normally since I had an asian double eyelid surgery years ago. Post-op. my lash line is lifted and my lashes don’t brush against my lower lash line too much, reducing opportunities for smudging. However they must still have some contact as the Phenomen’eyes smooshed under my eyes after a few hours of wear. I looked in the mirror and freaked out big-time. Hell no.

That was really the end of this short lived relationship with me and Pheneomen’eyes. I’ve used it a few times for at-home faces but each time the smudging occurred and I dumped it in the trash. If Givenchy ever comes up with a new formula, I’ll be in the front of that line to try out the new one, but in the mean time I won’t be buying again.

See below for a scary close-up of my eye, with Phenomen’eyes smudging underneath it.

Overall rating: 2 out of 5.
p.s. If you’re wondering what the name of the medieval weapon that is the applicator looks like is, it’s a flail.


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