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REVIEW: Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer

Posted in Etude House, Korean brands, mascara, review by konglishbeauty on September 4, 2009

I love my Shiseido Mascara base. Deeply, completely and utterly love it. But I don’t love the price. I get through one tube every three months, and it costs about £15 or ₩35,000. Whilst I’m willing to pay that for great lashes, I’d be happy to find it cheaper or a drugstore alternative. So when I saw Etude House’s Dr Mascara fixer, I had to give it a try.

Etude House say that this product is designed to be worn both before and after mascara. Before mascara it helps to keep curl, and after mascara it acts as a water and smudge-proofing top coat.

It doesn’t add any volume or length, nor does it have any conditioning benefits. The product itself is a clear wet gel which dries clear with a stiff finish.

It does what it says it does very well. It keeps curl and waterproofs lashes. However it won’t be a Shiseido Mascara Base replacement for me because it dries too fast. It dries almost as soon as it’s applied and then when I apply mascara on top of the dried product it clumps or leaves lashes looking spidery. To get this to work I had to do one eye at a time and apply mascara lightning fast after I’d applied it. I made it work but won’t be repurchasing. For make-up artists, it’s definitely worth having in your kit as it excels as a waterproof topcoat and anyone else who has trouble with their favourite mascara smudging, this is a must-try. It is almost identical to the Clarins Mascara top coat but much cheaper.

Overall rating: 4 out of 5.


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