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Posted in Etude House, Korean brands, Offtopic, personal by konglishbeauty on September 4, 2009

I’ve just come in from a girly pampering afternoon after work with some great big girls. (Actually one woman and 2 straight men who we made follow us around like great big girls). Manicure, pedicure, Missha, Skinfood, Etude, Starbucks……. all-in-all a very productive afternoon. Hauling was done and I promise reviews on all that I’ve bought, with nary an eyelash product in sight!

A quick scoop in Etude House revealed their new collection. I don’t remember the name, but it was all based around a sexy secret spy theme. Really. There was a mascara, three new gel eyeliners (which come with a brush), a range of shimmer free lipsticks and some eyeshadow singles in smokey shimmer shades. The sales assistants were just putting the products out and re-merchandising the dispay stands so I couldn’t get near enough to test and swatch but the eyeshadows and lipsticks looked pretty. I shall try and get nearer tomorrow.

I also saw some great new palettes, blushers, and lipglosses from Missha: about time as they’ve had no new make-up items for ages.

Unrelated…. I’m chomping at the bit to see the upcoming feature film documentary from Chris Rock called Good Hair.

It looks hilarious but also has serious and thought provoking undertones. Whilst I don’t suffer for my hair a lot, I have gone through surgery in the quest for my appearance in the past (double eyelid surgery) and am contemplating more at some point in the near future. I look forward to physical transformations and exploring how I can change my appearance and I get irritated and defensive when other people criticise my decision. I seem to get particularly negative reactions from men, some who have been extremely vocal in telling me what I should and shouldn’t do to my appearance and giving me their extensive and unsolicited opinions on cosmetic surgery. I really hope “Good Hair” comes to the cinemas in Korea.

I’m hoping to see the Chanel film next week and I’m crossing my fingers for the Vogue “September Issue” film to come to Korea. Also…. Sex & the City 2 has started filming? I completely missed that news. I’m looking forward to March 2010.


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