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Fibers, tubes, more ramble and Review: Dejavu Fiberwig mascara

Posted in Dejavu, Fiberwig, Japanese brands, mascara, review by konglishbeauty on June 11, 2009

Fiberwig was a mascara that I’d never heard of when I was in the UK. We don’t get many Japanese release products over there and the British beauty press doesn’t cover niche foreign products much.It first reached my attention via other blogs, mostly from MiuMiu‘s. It’s HG status for her and there was a slew of positive reviews on Makeupalley. It’s supposedly the best selling mascara in Japan so with these endorsements ringing in my ears, I made up my mind to try this mascara. It wasn’t available in Korea for a longtime. But in January I was browsing (OK loitering guiltily like a shoplifter) in Olive Young, my favourite drugstore, and saw a Dejavu promo stand with the newly arrived Fiberwig. Yay! (Incidentally, Olive Young has just started selling Fairy Drops and Fairy Drops platinum in Korea too). I immediately swooped and bought a tube. I was so eager to try this out. Millions of Japanese women can’t be wrong right? I swooped in.

Crash and burn. I ended up being so disappointed.

As the name clearly states, this is a Fiber mascara. For those not in the know, Fiber mascaras are a specific type of mascara which contain tiny little nylon fibres in the forumula. If you pull out the wand on a fiber mascara you can usually see the tiny little fibers sticking out all over the brush. These fibers cling to lashes and act like extensions to your lashes, building up for length.

This type of mascara has not become very popular in the west. For one, the formulas for these are more lengthening than volumising, leading to a very thin spindly look to lashes. Generally in the Western mascara market, drama and volume sells more than pure length. Also, whilst great in theory the way these fibers build up in length on the lashes is not even. The same way that they stick out in all directions on the wand of the mascara tube, fibers can often cling to lashes in the same irregular non-uniform way which can give a strange look. The main complaint with fiber mascaras though comes from the way they feel. If you’ve ever tried a fiber mascara and then spent the whole day feeling like you want to rip your eyelashes off and pull your eyeballs out then you’re not alone. If you have even the slightest sensitivity in your eyes (er, that would be most of the human race then) then fiber mascaras can make for an extremely uncomfortable experience. You feel the fibers digging and pricking on your lash rims like teeny tiny invisible subatomic sized needles around your eyelids. Anyone who wears contact lenses would have been foolhardy indeed to go full steam ahead with a fiber mascara and then run out the door.

Unbelievably, these things are eyesafe…..

Like all things though, fiber mascaras have come a long way and the first generation of fiber mascaras I tried many years ago have been improved upon. The one I remember most distinctly trying is MAC’s Fibre Rich which many loved and proved to be a good seller for MAC so there was obviously some people for whom fibers worked.

For more information check out Chef Caffy’s introduction to Japanese mascaras video on YouTube.

I really don’t get on with Fiberwig at all. First thing, this does not irritate my eye like the older fiber mascaras did. It feels very comfortable on and the only vague pokiness I got was when I went overboard applying it to my lower lashes. The length I got on my lower lashes meant they got tangled with my upper lashes. Completely my own fault. But it’s the finish of the mascara that irritates me.

Fiberwig, as well as being a fiber mascara is a tube type mascara. This means that the formula utilises a polymer technology which means that as the product dries it forms a tube like structure on lashes. This means is you get no smudging, smearing or flaking in normal conditions. Oily lids, humidity, daily wear – tube mascras will not smudge. Removal is easy; using warm water, completely saturate the lashes and the tubes of mascara will slide off easily with your fingertips or light pressure. This mean that the product is not waterproof, or suitable for showering or swimming but everything else is fine.

I love Tube mascaras. I used to have a huge problem with mascara smudging due to the shape of my eyes and face. I first used Kanebo 38, then Blinc Kiss Me. After that lots of tube mascaras hit the UK: Lancome Magicils, Clinique Lash Power and even reached mass market: L’Oreal Beauty Tubes. They’re essential for many asian girls as due to the way our faces are shaped, our undereye area is padded and sticks out more, leading to lashes brushing against it leading to smudging, smearing and panda eyes. Also the summers in Japan are terribly humid which I’m sure created a market for the ultimate in smudgeproof mascaras.

Tube mascaras don’t give much volume and need a good base or primer (or another mascara underneath). I knew and accepted this when using Fiberwig. But despite many different bases, the finish on my lashes are just horrible.

With Fiberwig I get uneven, stuck together lashes which can’t be separated with a metal lash comb. It’s not exactly clumping, as the formula is very smooth. But the natural way that my lashes lie just led to my lashes sticking together. The fibers also stuck to my lashes sticking out at strange angles.

I don’t hate on all fiber mascaras. There’s a great one that I’ve discovered from a Korean brand that I’m in love with that changed my view on fiber mascaras. The distinctive thing about that one, and the thing that let’s down Fiberwig in my opinion, is the applicator. Fiberwig has a traditional brush style wand, with the bristles arranged in a spaced out spiral formation. I’m not a fan of this type of bristle arrangement and much prefer the densely packed bristle arrangement like the DiorShow wand. Dense bristles prevent clumping and comb out excess product from between lashes . I think an alternative applicator could possibly help Fiberwig.As it is though, I really dislike Fiberwig and have not found anyway for it work. Even layered with another mascara. I run into the same problem of stuck togther lashes. I’ve looked at the instructional video, read all the reviews and suggestions, and looked at all the YouTube guru advice but to no avail.

Only bonus point for me: no smudging. Easy removal.

Anyone reading this who has tried and loved Fiberwig, would you mind telling me your experience? I’m still wondering why I’m not getting anything from this much loved and feted mascara.
1 out of 5


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