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Mascara Bases and REVIEW: Shiseido Mascara Base

Posted in Holy Grail, mascara, review, Shiseido by konglishbeauty on May 6, 2009

I have small almond shaped Asian eyes, eyelash make-up is essential for me to make the most of my petite peepers.

Having such a lash obsession means that mere mascara is not enough for me any more. As I posted before, my daily normal eyelash routine incorporates an eyelash curler, lash primer, mascara and a metal lash comb. Each and every item is essential and I’ve yet to find one single mascara which could do the same job as using all of these things, despite whatever curling, anti-clump claims they make.

Lash primer for me is not about boosting volume and length so much as it is about keeping the curl that my eyelash curler gives me. There are great mascaras out there which have enough volume and length without the need for a primer. But the downside to these super muscleman mascaras is that they weigh down and remove curl at times. My lash curler gives me exceptional and importantly a regular and ideal shaped curl. I’m lucky in that my lashes do naturally have a slight upward curl so I’m not fighting nature too much. However my lash curler improves on this giving me the wider eyed look. How pointless then if my mascara removes this at one swipe.

There are many reasons a mascara removes curl. The primary reason is too wet a formula. Just as dampness in the air will straighten temporarily curled hair (and vice versa), a wet mascara will straighten freshly curled eyelashes. Not good. The next reason is that the mascara formula is just too darn heavy, and the lashes are fighting gravity. Mascara ⇑ gravity ⇓, you don’t have to be Newton to see which will win out.

This is where mascara primer comes in. An ideal mascara primer will set and hold curl, but provide a good base for mascara without interfering with the mascara’s volumising capabilities. The white mascara bases e.g. MAC’s prep and prime, Lancome’s etc. or the white end of most double ended mascaras, do NOT cut it for me. Their primary job seems to be to boost body and volume, not to keep curl and work against gravity.

However there are a few products that work out there and I have discovered my HOLY GRAIL of mascara primers. I don’t use that term lightly and most of the time I don’t believe in HG items. It’s very very very very very rare that I buy something that is so good and so outstanding in its category that I won’t try something else. However this mascara primer is one such item. I can’t think of a way it can be improved. Truly this is it.


Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways.

  1. This mascara base is truly the curl keeper for my eyelashes. It’s like a setting lotion.
  2. I curl my lashes, apply a light coat of this and the curl stays locked in until I remove my mascara.
  3. The product itself is a grey gel texture. I like that it’s grey, not white so it never shows through mascara.
  4. It doesn’t dry too quickly so I can apply mascara on top of it and it doesn’t clump or go crispy.
  5. I’ve used it with no less than 14 different types of mascaras on top and it has worked beautifully with all of them. It doesn’t affect the finish or application of any mascara applied on top.
  6. It adds length and volume to lashes, yay! Always a bonus unless you want short thin lashes.
  7. It seems to add longevity to mascara and reduce smudging and smearing. I’m not 100% sure but I feel that it does.

Yup. Holy Grail status for Shiseido Mascara Base. The only way it could be improved is if they studded the tube with flawless diamonds.

Rating: 5 out of 5. Duh. Have you not been reading?


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