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Posted in mascara, personal by konglishbeauty on May 6, 2009

My favourite item of make-up (tools like make-up brushes don’t count 🙂 ) is mascara. A coat or two of mascara does more to open up my eyes and make me look awake than a slap in the face ever could. Although I’m Korean, I’m lucky not to have been cursed with the straight, short, eyelashes which grow downwards like some of my fellow Asian sisters. While I wouldn’t describe my lashes as long, they are of medium length, and have a slight curl upwards. What I’m always looking for is MORE curl and MORE volume. Volume and thickness makes a huge difference to the way my eyes look.

I’m never one for a simple life and in my quest for lush lashes my normal everyday lash routine consists of:

  1. Eyelash curlers: normal mechanical metal ones. I’ve tried heated ones but didn’t get a better result than metal ones.
  2. Mascara primer: this is to maintain the curl from lash curling. Discovering my Holy Grail mascara primer changed EVERYTHING.
  3. Mascara: this changes and I rarely buy the same mascara twice as I always want to try the latest thing. I generally prefer volumising formulas, non-waterproof.
  4. Metal lash comb: I do a comb through after mascara application to avoid clumps, fan out my lashes and get a fluttery look.

Mascara’s the one thing I won’t do without and when I’ve been running late, I’ve been known to do this whole 4-step process on the train, tube or bus. You can tut tut all you like about how it looks slovenly for a girl to do her make-up in public… well guess what, I’m slovenly.

I’m going to devote my next 7 posts to my eyelash products. I’m dying to try a prostaglandin eyelash growth product like Lilash but the price and getting secure shipping to Korea is putting me off for now. The lovely Lollipop26 from YouTube is the expert on lash growth products and I shall keep an eye on her recommendations for products now that the FDA is clamping down on these dangerous (yet fascinating) products.

Aside: speaking of Lollipop26, I am also participating in “Project 10 pan” which is a current drive by members of the online beauty community to only buy a new product when you’ve finished 10 products. I bought my last product last Saturday (a bottle of MAC Studiofix Fluid foundation in NW20: to mix with my NC30 which is too yellow). I’m currently using travel size/sample products and am on stage 4-pan. Travel sizes fall in my rules as I do use travel sizes as part of my routine usually. (I’m not counting sample size sachets). Wish me luck!


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