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Eyelash curlers & REVIEW: Shiseido eyelash curlers

Posted in mascara, review by konglishbeauty on May 6, 2009

Whenever anyone mentions eyelash curlers they always have to mention that they look like medieval instruments of torture. It’s a cliche but getting the edge of your eyelid trapped in one of these suckers does hurt like hell, especially if you do it by accident and aren’t expecting the pinch. There’s also a risk of getting your eyelashes trapped or taking the curler away from the eyelid without fully releasing, resulting in eyelashes PULLED out of their roots.


Give your eyelashes a chance with a decent pair of curlers. I generally prefer a mechanical metal traditional style of eyelash curlers and my current choice are the Shiseido ones. The pad is made of black silicon so it’s smooth with minimal chance of lashes sticking to the pad and also easy to clean. Other than that, these are similar to the favourite Shu Uemura eyelash curlers which are some of the most popular and lauded lash curlers around.

FYI, of the metal traditional eyelash curlers, I’ve tried the following:
-Kevyn Aucoin eyelash culers : pretty red silicon pad but the cage didn’t open wide enough to fit around my lashes easily
-Shu Uemura : good but the Shiseido ones are better for me.
-Bobbi Brown: didn’t like the black metal finish, which made it hard for me to distinguish my lashes from the metal
-Cheap pharmacy no name brands: rubber pads, sharp edges, fli
msy construction…. not putting these near my eyes again.

The Shiseido ones are the best I’ve tried so far and have the edge over the Shu ones due to the shape of the metal frame which fits my eyes better. This is probably just down to the luck and trial and error but there is a theory that Shiseido, being an Asian company, designed their lash curlers to fit Asian eye shapes better. Seeing that there are many different shapes of Asian eyes, I’m not sure if I buy that theory but whatever, I love these curlers. Sometimes for an extreme curl, I heat them up gently with a hairdryer prior to use. Note the word gently. It’s easy to overdo and burn your eyelashes and eyelid. Please don’t.

They’re not perfect, they don’t grab the small lashes at the ends of my eyes… to get these I have to heat up a mascara spoolie and individually lift these little hairs up but I’m too lazy for that level of detail most of the time.

Rating: 4 out of 5. They come with a couple of replacement pads, but I’ve yet to use these and I’ve had mine over a year.

Eyelash curler tips

  • Keep them clean. Regularly wipe off any mascara/eyeliner residue which can collect on the metal frame and pad which touch your lashes. Otherwise your lashes can stick to the gunk even after releasing the curler, leading to pulled lashes.
  • Tilt your head back slightly so you’re looking down into a mirror when using. This way your eyelid is lowered and there’s less chance of anything getting pinched when you curl.
  • Use a mirror. Seriously, use a mirror. When you’re clamping two pieces of metal together a hair’s breadth from your eyelid, use a mirror.
  • Good curl starts at the roots. Start clamping as near to the lash roots as possible then walk out to the edge of the lashes.

Regarding lash damage, I curl my lashes at least once a day and have been doing for years and years and years and haven’t had a problem yet. I apply enough pressure to curl but not slice them in two, that’s probably my knack. I also only curl before mascara. My primer holds and locks my curl so I’ve no need to curl again after mascara application.

I’ve also tried plastic eyelash curlers like the ones from Tweezerman, and also heated lash curlers. They both work but ultimately I always come back to metal ones, as they’re the easiest for me to use and versatile. I have these pair of corner lash curlers below, from Japonesque which are the same as the ones sold by Laura Mercier. Great idea, catch all your little lashes… except I can’t get these to work for me. Gah, they can stay in the drawer.


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