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MAC Colour Craft Collection: One to save for

Posted in lemming, MAC by konglishbeauty on April 23, 2009

Forget any other make-up or beauty purchases for the time being…. I’m saving for the Colour Craft collection. They’ve just posted some initial information on Specktra and this is the one I’m holding out for. I’ve let most MAC collections pass this year and my resolve has been buckling recently. I was really considering getting the 2 rose beauty powder blushers and Circa Plum pigment from Rose Romance which is hitting counters in the USA about now. I’ve never been 100% convinced by beauty powder blushers so this purchase would purely be about buying for the sake of buying.

However Colour Craft sounds right up my street. The main thing whipping up my frenzy is a new brush release: the #130 which sounds like a duo fibre stippling brush variation…. exciting. The only thing that I obsessively collect these days are MAC make-up brushes. The sexy #226 tapered blending brush is back too. Must get a back-up for my kit. (BTW does anyone know a good carpenter for a small but detailed job…..?)

I am liking the sound of the new Mineralized e/s quads too. I’ve never indulged in a full size mineralize e/s as I’d never finish them but a quad might sway me. Ooooh. Excited about this collection.


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