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Abstinence makes my heart grow fonder

Posted in Banila Co, haul, Korean brands, lemming, Offtopic by konglishbeauty on April 11, 2009

Welcome to my very happy un-haul day.

Guess what I DIDN’T buy today?
I didn’t buy the new Banila Co. Dear Flower palette from their new late Spring collection, just out.
It’s a lovely pretty mint green case with 6 shimmer/glitter pastel shades inside. I thought I was collecting Banila Co e/s palettes, but somehow I didn’t fall in love with these. The eyeshadows are lovely and smooth but the colours are just too pale and dull. They need some more power and pop… I haven’t touched either the Gossip Girl or Loveholic palette, so I doubt that I would use these either. I’ll leave it a couple of weeks and see how I feel.

I also managed to pass up the Secret Glam eyeshadow duos which were on sale HALF PRICE at a bargain 6000 won each. (How? Life’s little mystery).

The next thing I didn’t buy was the Bobbi Brown Brights eye palette. I soooooooooo am lemming this. So cute, so dinky, right up my alley, 35 little dots of pigmented bright colours. BUT……. I have 2x 88 Coastal Scents palettes which I am loving at the moment. I’ve been infatuated with them since I got them and I cannot find enough room in my greedy little heart to shell out the many won for Bobbi’s version. Not tonight love.
I also didn’t buy some new make-up brushes from Banila Co, Makeup Forever HD foundation, Clarins e/s palette, and anything from MAC’s Grand Duos collection. Quite an epic un-haul wouldn’t you say? I could barely carry it all home in my tiny clutch purse but the beautiful weather and stunning cherry blossoms managed to keep my credit card hand busy.

I have been haul free for three weeks! However, I haven’t been totally good – at the beginning of my fast, I did have a little binge….

Nothing to rot the teeth, but a few things…. I shall reveal them this coming week. I haven’t updated sooner as I’ve been distracted by the arrival of Spring but now I’m ready to share.

I hope you enjoyed my un-haul. Don’t let my self-deprivation stop you… the Korean Spring makeup collections are beautiful and well worth getting.

Side note: here is the promo Banila Co image for the Dear Flower collection.
And they also released a collection of base products, the “Babyface Triple collection”. Recognise the model? How about here?
Or here?
Hey baby, do you come here often?
Banila Co, please get a NEW model. She’s lovely, but really, time for a change. How about, I don’t know, a KOREAN model to front a KOREAN cosmetics brand? Might be an interesting idea to change the model pose, or at least the angle of her head tilt. We have articulated necks for that reason.


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