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REVIEW: Boots No. 7 Petal Blusher

Posted in blusher, Boots, review by konglishbeauty on March 18, 2009

I first saw these and the whole collection on a post from Musings of a Muse. I haven’t bought any Boots No. 7 products for years. When I lived in London, I completely took it for granted. No. 7 is available everywhere, it’s reliable bog-standard, been around for ages line and I didn’t find the products particularly interesting or lemming worthy. I also think they’re quite expensive, definitely not bargain prices for what they are. They often have extremely irritating adverts on TV: I hate their current brand ambassador Keeley Hawes as I find her smug and hoity toity. Bleurrgh.

However Boots No. 7 actually has some great products which perform well. I guess they’re like the Gap of cosmetics in the UK. Reliable, good for basics and somewhere that mums and daughters will happily both shop for cosmetics. They also have frequent buy 2 get one 1 free and generous GWP promotions to cut the cost a little bit so there are always bargains to be had. Seeing the collection on the Muse’s blog and knowing that I’d be in London in a couple of weeks made me quite keen to take a look at the blushers in person. In fact, they were the first make-up item I looked at when I arrived in London: I actually made a beeline for the first Boots counter in Heathrow airport on arrival whilst I was waiting for my driver (ahem, ok my mother) to pick me up. However they were sold out at the Heathrow T1 branch which made me realise that these were popular babies.

In the end, I had to go to two different Boots counters on Oxford Street before I found them. They were completely sold at the first few Boots counters I went to. The other pieces in the collection were around: the lip tints and eyeshadow palettes so it was obviously these blushers which were the stars of the show.And rightly so. These were completely and utterly love at first sight for me. The generous size (10g), the design of the compacts with the see through lids, the embossed petal pattern on the powder, and the swirled tri-colour design all had me at first glance.

There are two colour ways, Peach and Pink. Obviously I picked up both and in fact I think both shades would be flattering to most skin tones out there.

The main thing I love about these are the fact that they’re matte. Yes, I know that’s not trendy, what with Mineralized blushers, skinfinshes and Coralistas being the love of the day. If you’re talking about eyeshadows and lip colour then I’m right there with you, I love glimmer and shimmer. But when it comes to complexion: face and cheeks, I prefer matte and then adding optional shimmer with highlighters. Frosty cheeks are just too much for me, and in fact I swapped and sold my NARS blush collection a few years ago because I found that I never wore them, the majority being shimmer and glitter heavy.

The pans of these products are large enough that you can pick up the colours individually (try the MAC 116 or 165) or swirl them together in different combos.

Peach Petal swatches: the three individual shades and then swirled together
Pink Petal swatch

I give these a resounding full marks. They’re not cheap for Boots or drugstore blushers(£10.75) but they completely live up to the price tag. Beautiful to touch, beautiful to keep, I’m sorely tempted to pick up back-ups even though I think I won’t run out of them in a hurry. The upcoming MAC Rose Romance blushers look weak in comparison.
Rating: 5 out of 5. If you’re in the UK, get these whilst you still can. The Peach colourway is already sold out on the Boots website so HURRY UP, GET THEM NOW GO GO GO.

Here is a GREAT gift with purchase that I got for spending over £18. It still seems to be going on so it’s a great incentive to stock up. (Things from the Boots No. 7 line that I recommend would be the eyeshadows, blushers and lipglosses.) The three make-up items in the gift (mascara, eye mousse and lipstick) are impressive. I love the attention to detail and the pink tissue paper the gift was wrapped in. Bravo No. 7, bravo.


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