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Posted in personal by konglishbeauty on March 18, 2009

I’m staying away from the counters at the moment, or at least the high end ones. I’ve decided not to pick up anything from MAC Hello Kitty. I had been considering the two eyeshadow quad palettes (yes, I loooooove me some e/s palettes) but I have dupes of all the shades and I’ve heard some worrying reviews which say that the shadows are of a poorer quality than the regular MAC shadows. I love the tinted lip conditioners but ultimately I’m not a fan of pot glosses or lip products these days as sticking fingers into a pot will inevitably lead to bits and pieces in the product and I don’t always have a lip brush handy.

The only things that I’m close to running out and getting are the vanity case and the Kitty Couture powder compact. Love. However I’m staying away from MAC and hopefully it will sell out before my resolve breaks.

I’m also giving Sugarsweet a miss. The only things that are of interest to me are the shadesticks and i have plenty of e/s bases at the moment.

Instead I shall be busy testing, reviewing and breaking in the mammoth London haul. I will check out the new releases from the Etude House Mineral collection and possibly pick up some more beloved Laneige e/s singles but for high-end stuff I shall wait patiently for the summer collections.


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