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Review: Etude House Peach Skin Pact

Posted in Etude House, Korean brands, powder, review by konglishbeauty on March 4, 2009

Personal reviews of make-up products are invariably skewed by personal experience, situation and preference. It always astounds and amuses me that people on YouTube and blogs have to preface their reviews by saying “Please don’t be offended, this is my personal opinion….”. People actually seem to get offended by other people who review their favourite products and have a differing opinion on it. What else can a person do except give their own personal opinion… isn’t that what a review is???

This is a preface to a lukewarm review of Etude House’s Peach Skin pact and a later post where I ramble and rant a bit at the Asian cosmetics industry at failing to provide base products for my skintone.
Using the MAC Foundation scale, I fall somehwere around the NC35 mark. I’m not as dark or orange as an NC40 but definitely darker than a NC30. I fall into the warm skintone catergory but don’t have a lot of orange or red in my skin. Nor do I have olive green tones either. As an east-Asian, I’ve lots of yellow.

Etude House’s Peach Skin pact is a lovely baked powder product. It’s a cuter, girlier version of MAC’s Mineralized Skin Finish natural. It’s baked in a dome shape with a peach imprint on the surface of the powder. The compact lid has a rounded dome shape so it’s not the most sleekest of compacts, although undeniably cute.

It can be used either as a finishing powder or a mattifier. If you have great skin I guess you could use it in lieu of a foundation but it doesn’t offer much coverage so won’t conceal anything. It has a very very slight sheen but not what I’d call an obvious shimmer or sparkle. It’s more of a slight glow. The powder is very fine so it doesn’t look chalky or overly powdery on the skin. On the right skintone it could provide a lovely soft focus look to the skin with a satin, rather than matte, finish.

Unfortunately for me, or anyone darker than me, this powder is just too pale to work. It only comes in the one shade. Normally I can work with pale powders as I just dust them lightly on the skin to take away shine but this powder has a reflective quality that gives me a blue-ish ghostly pallor which adds a sinister dead tinge. I’d hazard that it contains a lot of titanium dioxide which accounts for the light bounceback.

Otherwise it’s a lovely product which would get high marks for performance but because it only comes in the one shade I have to mark it down. I’m not outside the median spectrum for skintone darkness in Korea or Asia. This means this powder won’t work for a good percentage of the population and Etude House customers. There’s no alternative offering in the brand either. This really makes me mad.

It’s a baked product so it’s quite fragile. Mine shattered easily so take care especially when carrying around.

For a paler lady’s take on it, check out the Muse’s review which is more positive than mine. 

Overall rating: 2 out 5. Good product let down by an oversight on the shade selection (i.e. none).


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