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Review: Gossip Girl Multi palette

Posted in Banila Co, blusher, eyeshadow, Korean brands, palette, review by konglishbeauty on March 2, 2009

I arrived back in Seoul last Thursday and make-up was not on my list of priorities when I got back. Shower, food and sleep were all I could concentrate on and I had to be up at 7am for work on Friday morning. However sitting at my computer I thought I’d just take a quick look at the Korean make-up websites to see if anything new had been released whilst I was away and discovered that Banila Co had just released its new Gossip Girl collection.

Banila Co is a Korean make-up brand, which is priced mid-range. More expensive than Etude House, Missha or the Face Shop but cheaper than the department store high end brands, Banila Co is mainly a colour cosmetics range with a small skincare line and a few accessories. It has its own standalone stores on the Korean high street as well as having a few counters in department stores. Beauty counter politics means that it’s never in the same hall as the high end brands, but usually in the streetwear and urban apparel sections, designed to appeal to high school and college students.

Banila Co has some great colour cosmetics and has some great eyeshadow and make-up primers. I find it quite derivative in its packaging, marketing and product names especially from Benefit and I wonder at the sheer cheek of some of their products which seem to be direct dupes or copycats. However when the Korean copy, they usually copy well and Banila Co is a definite must try if you’re interested in Korean cosmetics.

I’m guessing the inspiration behind the Gossip Girl collection is the hit American TV series of the same name which is HUGE in Korea right now. The rich prep school uniform is on trend in Korea with both teenagers and old-enough-to-know better 20-somethings tripping around in plaid mini kilts, argyle knee socks and braid trimmed blazers. The boys love it too as Korean males aren’t shy about being fashion forward and Chuck Bass style flamboyant outfits are all the rage here.

Banila Co’s collection doesn’t seem to have anything obviously to do with the TV series, other than the name. The collection is a range of pretty but not groundbreaking Spring brights. The new items in the range are 3 new baked e/s duos that Banila Co is popular for, 3 lipsticks, 3 tinted lip balms, a baked marble blusher, and a new “natural black” shade of gel eyeliner. The other items are repromotes from the permanent line.

I dragged a co-worker out to dinner with me after work on Friday evening purely to avoid staying home and falling asleep early due to jet lag. We went by the local Banila Co counter and took a look in person at the Gossip Girl collection. The only thing that caught my eye and ended in a purchase was the palette and this only for the packaging. I love the overlapping dot pattern on the case although again puzzled as to the Gossip Girl connection. If anything, Gossip Girl is known for kick-starting the big bow trend as seen on the character of Blair Waldorf rather than dots.

The case is lovely, and has a smooth satin metallic finish. It’s the same size and type as the previous Banila Co. palettes released with the Loveholic and Glam collections. (See end of this post for more pictures of these). Inside is a blusher, and three eyeshadow shades.

From the website images, it looked like the powders inside had a pink dot pattern overlay on the surface of the product. However I was a little bit disappointed to see that it was just a protective plastic cover resting on top of the product.
The blusher is a pale pink shimmer, low pigment, with a smooth texture. The eyeshadows are medium pigmented with a smooth texture. The first shade is a shimmer frost white, the second a cool-toned shimmer taupe brown and the third an icing-sugar pink frost.

Swatches without flash

Swatches with flash
To be honest the shades aren’t that unique. I can’t wear the blusher as a cheek shade as it’s too pale and frosty for my skintone, and too pink to use as a highlighter so I’ll use it as an eyeshadow instead. The texture of the powders is fairly smooth and not as crumbly as previous Banila Co. palette shades.

There is a brush included rather than a sponge tip applicator which is a nice touch, although it isn’t great quality. Overall, this palette isn’t worth getting if you have similar shades already. I really only bought it for the cute packaging and i may be developing a little bit of a Banila Co palette collecting habit (help!).

Overall rating: 2 out of 5.

Here are some pictures and swatches of 2 previous Banila co eyeshadow palettes from the Loveholic collection and Glam collection.
I won’t review these but will instead direct you to the fantastic reviews done by Lotuspalace on these on her blog.
Both these palettes are still readily available at Banila Co counters. Of the two, I really love the dark smokey eyes Glam palette and here is a little eye look that I did featuring some of the shades.
There is another palette from the “De La couture” collection, which I don’t have as it sadly sold out very quickly, which features a selection of lovely taupes and browns. See more at Lotuspalace.


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