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The gift of giving to me

Posted in Dior, eyeshadow, MAC, nail varnish, palette, personal by konglishbeauty on March 1, 2009

Being away from friends and family in the UK, I missed out on exchanging Christmas gifts last year. Postage rates to Korea aren’t the cheapest and in busy working lives, getting to the post office isn’t always convenient, especially when they’re as crap and inefficient and scarce as the British post office (now officially an endangered animal).

I was delighted when I got back to London to get some belated Christmas presents from friends who are more than happy to enable my addiction to the highest degree.

From one friend I received the following from the MAC Dame Edna collection!

These won’t be anything new to beauty addicts as Dame Edna was MAC’s first post-Christmas collection. The buzz has been and gone for most. However for me, it was as exciting as snow on Christmas day because I had held myself back from buying anything. Yes I had rushed to my local department store after Christmas, yes I had lovingly stroked those eyeshadow trio compacts and glittery red glasses, and yes I had wanted to nibble at those adorable lilac beauty powder compacts, which looked like shiny little macaroons nestled in the display. But ultimately I had taken a deep breath and walked away empty handed with some mighty show of restraint which fails me on most such occasions.

God works in not-so mysterious ways and rewarded me for my austere deprivation in the form of the fabulous and generous friend who gifted me with these. My VERY OWN Dame Edna pieces. She explained that she bought the nail varnish mostly for its fabulous name, “Varicose Violet”. The collection has an added resonance for me because my first name in Korean actually means purple, so obviously a higher power meant for Dame Edna and I to be together.

A little Dame Edna clip for you… she’s a legend.

I was obviously a very good girl last year as on the VERY SAME DAY, I also got another gift from yet another fabulous friend:

The Christian Dior Lady Dior palette!!!!!!

This is one of those pieces that I had read about and seen at the counters but I dared not touch it or even consider coveting. I was not worthy and my impure soul would be punished for daring to hope she would be mine. The Lady Dior palette is a miniature of the classic Lady Dior handbag complete with silver charms on the handle spelling out DIOR.

Inside are two pans of colour: a cheek and lip cream and a multi-purpose highlighter. Dior brings out these beautiful special edition collectible pieces in their make-up range every season and I am lucky to have a few in my collection: the dice shaped Dior Play lipgloss, and spherical Dior pendant necklace. However self preservation has held me back from falling completely into Dior-lust as it’s an expensive past-time which can induce madness in followers who stalk Asia-exclusive shades and sold-out pieces on eBay until their credit cards buckle. A Dior limited edition cosmetic piece is a true luxury and one that my very very very good friend decided to treat me to.

I am truly an undeserving wretch who has the best taste and luck in friends. But let it be known that I swing both ways and that I was both a giver AND receiver of gifts. I won’t pretend that my paltry offerings matched what my friends gave me but I hope to make it up to them in the future.

What did I give? Why, make-up of course.


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  1. Chiriqui Panama said, on May 13, 2010 at 4:28 am

    I hope you would not have reservations if I posted a part of this site on my univeristy blog?

  2. […] Xmas release products). Kismet, serendipity … whatever. This is the same girl who got me this (the Dame Edna stuff) so she knows a thing or two about my dirty secret […]

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