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From London with love

Posted in brushes, haul, MAC, personal by konglishbeauty on March 1, 2009

I’m baaaaack! After two weeks of catching up with friends and family, and doing my duties at a mate’s wedding I’m back in Korea with a suitcase full of make-up goodies and many reviews to churn out.

I am originally from London and came to Korea for work 5 months ago. I’ll be out here for another year, after which I’ll probably return to the UK. When I left I had to pack stuff from my make-up collection that I would need for the time away whilst being mindful of the fact that I would *ahem* probably buy stuff out here and then have to bring back unsued things to London.

My collection and stash probably deserves its own separate post in the future but amongst the things I used to haul and collect included MAC pigments, MAC holiday/ltd edition palettes, MAC quads, MAC brushes and make-up brushes in general. Most of these stayed behind and I TRIED to take a small capsule collection of make-up. Well, what I consider capsule is probably what most other people would consider a glut but I’m way past other people’s standards when it comes to make-up.

The biggest part of my luggage when I first came to Korea was my fragrance collection. l developed a serious scent habit about 3 years ago and had amassed a collection of 100+ bottles. I did a *ahem* strict selection, made decants of my favourites and came to Korea with about 30 bottles. After all this editing, my luggage still weighed 70kg – 40 kg overweight. Luckily I have friends in high places (my mother) and I was able to bring everything with me.

Whilst my Korean cosmetics collection has been perfectly acceptable there were things I seriously started to miss. Top of the list was my MAC make-up brush collection. Brushes are my achilles heel and if forced, I would give up the rest of my collection if I could just keep the brushes. Most of them are MAC but I have some much loved ones from Kevyn Aucoin, Stila, Crown, Bobbi Brown and no-name pro brushes that I was jonesing for.

I used my trip to London to bring back with me some of those things I’d been missing as well as buying a whole load more. I’ll cover things in more detail over the course of my next few posts but in the mean time, here is a picture of the things I bought.

And here is a picture of things I was reunited with that I bought back. It’s mostly brushes but does include a few lipsticks, a couple of eyeshadow palettes, shadesticks and lipliners. Decency and common sense made me leave behind the MAC palette and pigments collection but I know they’ve back in the UK waiting for me.


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