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Dazzleglasses are a girl’s best friend

Posted in lipgloss, MAC by konglishbeauty on March 1, 2009

I’ve had a few questions regarding what I bought in Duty Free on my way back to Korea, and the answer is I didn’t! Having browsed and shopped in London to my heart’s almost content, Duty Free at Heathrow T3 looked like more of the same. I wasn’t drawn to any travel retail specials, and despite that MAC Dazzleglass Trio winking at me (the same set as I’d seen in Inchon duty free on my way out), I decided the shades weren’t perfect enough for me to blow £30.00 on.

Turns out I’ll be rewarded for my restraint as look what I just read on Temptalia…..

Dazzleglasses are baaaaaack! In more shades! YES YES YES.
For those that don’t know, Dazzleglasses were a limited edition range of lipglosses released by MAC last year which caused a mad stampede and rampage at counters. It’s no secret that grown women will run to anything twinkly sparkly and shiny and Dazzleglasses are true to their name. They are some of the most shiny, glittery and yes dazzling lipglosses ever seen.

I bought 4 at the time, and now only have one, Bare Necessity, left. The other three were prised out of my hands by friends who started salivating at the sight of them. As a lazy beauty addict I managed to miss the repromote of a few shades at Christmas in the Red She Said collection but this time, I will be fully prepared. Glitter gloss addicts, start saving NOW.

For anyone who is looking for an alternative available right now, the only things that come close are the Chanel Glossimer lipglosses. Not all of them are glittery but there are a few which come close to the brilliance and sparkle of the Dazzleglasses.


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