Konglish Beauty

Always save a little for Duty Free

Posted in Offtopic, personal by konglishbeauty on February 12, 2009

This is just a short note I’m writing from the airport as I wait for a flight. I’m heading back to London for a fortnight which means two things:
1. I’ll be bringing back more of my make-up stash that I wasn’t able to bring to Korea the first time around. I brought over a minimal amount of stuff (well, minimal for me) and have been regretting not bringing my MAC #187 brush, eyeshadow palettes, giant Bonne Bell lip smacker collection, 20 more bottles of fragrance and and and and and ………. I’ll be bringing everything back with me, Korean Air baggage restrictions be damned.
2. Stocking up on stuff I can’t get here. This will range from the very mundane Immac warm wax (they can’t wax for sh*t in Korea and don’t mind the fuzzy look), to the spectacular and fabulous: top of my list is picking up a bottle of the export edition Serge Lutents Borneo 1834 and trips to Boots, Superdrug, Space NK, Screenface, Charles Fox and Les Senteurs are all on the itinerary. It’s the drugstore stuff I’m missing the most, as most of the department store brands are easy to get in Korea.

I’ve also ordered some of those monster 88 colour palettes from eBay that are doing the rounds on YouTube which are racing me to London for pick-up. Fun times ahead for my MAC #213 brush.

The main thing I wanted to say was always remember the joys of Duty Free when heading to an airport. I’m being organised these days and trying to budget and plan my spending so I’ve saved all my pennies for the UK. I completely forgot to factor in Duty Free. The point of Duty Free for me is not the savings, as they don’t seem to be very much these days and Korean duty free doesn’t give great bargains. But what Duty Free is great for is picking up limited edition, sold out, HTF, travel retail only products. I could’ve kicked myself as I had to painfully pass-up MAC #189 and #179 brushes that I’ve been trying to track down and stalk on eBay as well as a luscious Dazzleglass trio that I could have happily swallowed whole. Even with the extra 5% discount that the MAC pimp was offering me, I had to walk away, tears welling up around my kohled waterline.

If you’re passing through a foreign country, you never know what you might find at the airport. What sells landside doesn’t always sell airside so that limited edition palette or discontinued lipstick shade might be sitting beside the gold bars of Swiss cholocate at Duty Free. I’m sitting here nashing my teeth, sitting in the free wifi area with my back to the cosmetic counters. I did get some Toblerone though.


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