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Laneige Spring 09 Art Play collection and a discovery

Posted in eyeshadow, haul, Korean brands, Laneige, palette, review by konglishbeauty on February 8, 2009

Chapter 2: falling in love

I was really impressed with the Laneige eyeshadows I had bought when I first arrived in Korea. I knew that I wanted to start collecting more of them, but I couldn’t find specific Laneige brand palettes to put them in. I’m not keen on single eyeshadows anymore. Longtime beauty collctors and make-up junkies will understand this, as for die-hard addicts, single eyeshadow colours just aren’t enough. Once you’ve felt the thrill of filling MAC palettes with 15 eyeshadows or 120 colour palettes, single eyeshadows are only good for depotting and paletting.

I became distracted by the other Korean cosmetics I was discovering and I fell for the charms of Etude House, Banila Co, Missha….somewhere along the way, Laneige got pushed onto the back burner. Not for long….

I was out in Myungdong, one of the busiest central areas of Seoul, with a bunch of girlfriends this week. We were lingering in various fashion and cosmetics shops and stumbled into the Laneige flagship store where the sales assistant showed us the charming new Laneige Spring 09 Art Play collection, just in that day. I had seen the collection previewed on Musings of a Muse and in person the palettes were even cuter. Laneige palettes are really well made, very sturdy, and I love the artwork on the cover: very whimsical and pretty but with a slightly gothic eastern European flavour rather than Asian Kawaii. I ended up buying the 2 shadow palettes, which have a selection of lovely shimmer pastel and highlight shades.

The palettes are a little big bigger than credit card size. They are very sturdy and have a mirror and double ended sponge applicator inside. The eyeshadows are really smooth and silky and have buildable medium pigmentation.

The first palette, has the following shades (swatched below):
-white/silver shimmer
-very pale blue/silver/white irridiscent shimmer
-light pink gold, with warm tones (my favourite shade)
-matte black with silver glitter

The second palette:
-very pale silver with silver glitter (this shade is low pigment, and more about the glitter than colour)
-white silver shimmer
-cool toned pale pink
-medium brown taupe shimmer

Two new beautiful eyeshadow palettes… how could it get any better?

Whilst playing around with the palettes, I noticed that the shadow pans were attached to a black plastic tray in the palette but that the tray itself was not joined to the outer part of the palette. Curious, I tried to lift the tray out. I’m always fiddling with make-up to see if it can be customised or depotted. To my surprise and delight I was able to lift out the black tray, at the hinged part where the lid is attached to the palette.

Once lifted out, it’s obvious that the palette is actually designed like this: the palette has a large magnetic panel which holds the black tray in place so it can be removed and replaced at will. Can you see where I’m going with this? I got my eyeshadow singles and tried them inside the palette. They fit perfectly. The palette neatly contains 6 shadow singles.

I’m sure other palette lovers will be able to recognise my silly joy at this new discovery. A well-designed, customiseable eyeshadow palette system with beautiful palettes and superb eyeshadows! I love the fact that the beautiful palettes are reusable so that they’re not empty after using all the product inside.

I haven’t come across this bit of information before and no-one at the Laneige store or make-up shops have told me about this. They really should let customers know this so that they can re-use their palettes.

I started googling Laneige palettes and saw some beautiful palettes from past collections on different beauty blogs. They were gorgeous but I didn’t want to go down the route of trying to track them down via eBay. I’ve been a collector of hard to find products for years and whilst it’s fun, I don’t have the time or patience to do it anymore. However I did want to get some more palettes to house single eyeshadows so decided to keep an eye on upcoming new palettes to join my new Spring 09 palettes from now on. I somehow felt that fate was pushing me to become a Laneige eyeshadow devotee….

Aside: these are the gorgeous freebies that I got with my purchase. The mini 4-piece set has a cleansing oil, foundation, lipgloss and Stobe-cream dupe make-up base.


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