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Posted in blusher, eyeshadow, haul, Korean brands, Laneige, palette by konglishbeauty on February 8, 2009

Chapter 3: it was meant to be

So I have the beginnings of a small Laneige eyeshadow collection. I had a few lovely e/s singles and a couple of new palettes I could play around with. So far, so good. What happened next I couldn’t have predicted and is just one of those things I have put down to sheer luck.

I met a friend for a film and dinner in Seoul. After dinner, we walked to the subway station, which is one of many in Korea which has an adjoining huge underground shopping mall. We weren’t out to go shopping, I promise (!), but we were walking past anyway so we stopped and browsed. We walked past an Aritaum, which is a cosmetic chain shop in Korea, selling amongst other things, Laneige. I dragged my friend in to show her the palettes and e/s singles I had just bought. Walking to the Laneige stand, I spied something that probably only the eye of a beauty junkie could spot or take notice of. It was a Laneige palette tester, not of the new Spring 09 palettes but of a past one.

I practically sprinted to the stand, probably knocking over people on my way (I didn’t stop to check). The palette was gorgeous: it was a blusher palette and had a beautiful holographic snowflake illustration on the front. Practically hyperventilating, I asked the manager of the shop if she had the palette in stock. She looked very apologetic and said that it was sold out, from an old collection and that the tester had been put out by accident. She tried to show me the palettes from the new collection instead.

I explained that I was a collector (yes, in the minute that had passed from spotting the palette, I had gone from Laneige palette admirer to collector – truly the behaviour of an addict) and asked whether she would sell me the tester. To her credit she didn’t look at me like I was a madwoman, but simply smiled and said she would… and then asked me to wait for a second. She went back to the stand, got some things from a hidden drawer and came back to the counter. She had a handful of palettes in her hand. They were testers of older Laneige palettes, all in really good condition. She explained that she had held onto them as they were all new or in good condition, but had been about to throw them out.

It was fate. It was the beauty equivalent of a fashionista finding a vintage Hermes Birkin bag in a thrift store or a bottle of vintage Coty Chypre at a garage sale. It’s THAT moment where you find hidden treasure, completely by chance, when you’re least expecting it and not even looking for it. The shop owner sold me the 5 palettes for 25000won and threw in a bunch of freebies and samples. An absolute bargain as new, one palette costs 35000won.

The discovery of the palettes for housing single eyeshadows, this random finding of a trove of past palettes, it all just seems so timely! I don’t usually believe in fate but there’s definitely something bigger than just luck happening here. I’m convinced.

Here’s one I made earlier! This is a neutral palette I’ve made up from my Laneige shadow collection.

Oh, and ANOTHER thing, the products in the palettes are beautiful too. The two top products, the powder and striped blusher were brand new testers so safe to use. The bottom three, I sanitised by spraying with alcohol and then removed the top layer of powder with sellotape and I’m happy to use them. I tossed the applicators (which I never use anyway). As testers they didn’t come with the original boxes, but I won’t be losing any sleep over that.

Laneige and me… we were meant to be.


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