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Laneige, The Secret of Snow Crystal and a Beauty Bitch: a 3 part love affair.

Posted in eyeshadow, Korean brands, Laneige by konglishbeauty on February 6, 2009

Chapter 1: tentative first steps.

This is the first of 3 posts outlining my recent obsession with Laneige eyeshadows and palettes. Laneige has the BEST EYESHADOWS IN THE WORLD. Yes, better than MAC, Christian Dior, Shu Uemura, Urban Decay and all of my previous favourites. Laneige eyeshadow singles are top of the league. I don’t believe in ever really finding holy grail products but these really do come pretty god-darn close.

I stumbled upon Laneige eyeshadows completely by chance. I arrived in Korea 4 months ago and when I first started browsing in drugstores and beauty shops here, I came across Laneige. It’s one of the most common brands in Korea and most beauty shops have a Laneige stand. I tested and swatched a few things but the products didn’t immediately get my attention. The price point is mid-range, cheaper than department store but more expensive that Etude House, Missha or The Face Shop. The only thing I bought was their Sliding Pact pressed powder compact and that was purely for the novelty value of the compact which looks like a mobile phone. The packaging ended up being more innovative than the powder itself.

I like Laneige packaging. The majority of the products are in sturdy white plastic which have a sleek modish 60s feel: Jane Fonda in Barbarella would have been happy using these. There are also holographic highlights which tie in with the brand’s main marketing and creative theme. Laneige’s creative platform is snowflakes and crystals and their strapline is “The Secret of Snow Crystal”.

I have seen some great online reviews of Laneige from Musings of a Muse and Lotus Palace but the only things that really caught my attention were the single powder eyeshadows. I swatched them and found great pigmentation, smooth texture with an creamy feel, and blendability with little fallout. There’s a great colour selection of lots of neutrals, smokey shades and a few fun brights. I was impressed and picked up 4.

The shadows are square and packaged in simple clear lucite, like Shu Uemura shadows. I’m a big fan of depotting and putting shadows together in my own palettes (usually MAC palettes or Trish McEvoy planner pages) and I planned to do the same with these. However these shadows pans are held in magnetic casings which lift out of the case, ready to go into a Laneige palette. How exciting!

The paper insert in the box said that there were “pro palettes” available which I tried to track down. However when hunting around the Laneige website and online I couldn’t find any palettes.

This eyeshadow itsself is amazing. Smooth, great colour pay-off, and such a pleasure to use. I have extremely oily eyelids so I always use Urban Decay Primer Potion and a MAC paint as a base to all powder eyeshadows. With these bases in place, these shadows did not crease at all.

I made a mental note to take a closer look at Laneige products and get some more shadow singles.


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