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REVIEW: The Face Shop Diamond Shine Lipgloss

Posted in Korean brands, lipgloss, review, The Face Shop by konglishbeauty on February 5, 2009

Anyone shopping in Korea cannot fail to notice the numerous Face Shop branches everywhere. Everywhere. On shopping streets, malls, inside Subway stations, underground malls, in hypermarkets….as I said, everywhere. The Face Shop (TFS) products are only sold within their own stores (and online) and they only sell their brand. Despite the name, TFS sells make-up, bodycare, fragrance, skincare and beauty accessories. The crap name is what actually got my attention. The Face Shop, I ask you…. as well as being a weak copycat of The Body Shop, it just makes me think of a costume shop where you can buy rubber masks of different caricature faces.

Once you get past the crap name, The Face Shop is an interesting brand because the products are really cheap! Overall the products are much better quality than their cheap prices would lead you to believe. And despite the low prices, the stores are clean, well lit and well organised so you still get the convenience and experience of shopping in a higher end store. There are always lots of clean tester units, tissues and remover on hand and they are well stocked.

Products themselves… a lot of the skincare and body products have a pseudo natural image. I don’t wholeheartedly buy into “natural” beauty products but TFS is no worse than others on the market. I haven’t tried any of their skincare or bodycare products but I have explored their make-up line and have some favourites.

The review today is for their newest lipgloss, Diamond Shine Lipgloss. I bought three different shades: (in images, L to R)

-OR202: a sheer coral with fine gold shimmer – it’s not as bright as it appears in the picture. It’s a good dupe of NARS Orgasm lipgloss.
-BR801: a warm apricot/beige with silvery fine glitter reflects
-PK103: a sheer fuchsia with bright pink glitter reflects – it’s not as blue toned as it appears in the picture.

The colours are all sheer with low level of pigment. The glitter and shimmer is more noticeable than the colour on the lips. Unfortunately it’s not as beautiful as MAC’s Dazzleglass which I hoped it would dupe, but the shimmer is definitely noticeable and very pretty. There are different levels and types of shimmer in each shade: some have only shimmer, others have fine glitter particles.

The texture is smooth and comfortable, not at all sticky or tacky but not watery or thin either. As such the lasting power isn’t great but that’s what you get with most smooth lipglosses. I think sheer lipglosses are easy to reapply so that doesn’t concern me but I can see myself getting through each tube very quickly.

The gloss is quite strongly scented with a rose fragrance.

The applicator is a slim doefoot with a loop in the middle which holds a good amount of product, basic but does the job.

It’s a nice gloss and I don’t have any real complaints but it’s not special enough that I would repurchase. The colour range is great, mostly sheer pinks and reds (no nudes). The main selling point is the price: 5500won. A bargain in my book.

Overall rating: 3 out of 5


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  1. thebeautyphase said, on January 25, 2011 at 4:02 am

    True.. very scented. But not to the extend of causing any side effects.. I love the fact that it is not so pigmented, fantastic for every day make up..

    The Beauty Phase

  2. konglishbeauty said, on February 1, 2011 at 9:43 pm

    I found that mine got less scented with use. But I would have prefered unscented, and I know that it’s a deal breaker for some people.

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